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Dragon dictate
Dragon Naturallyspeaking

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Dragon Medical is state-of-the-art instantaneous voice-to-text transcription. Harness the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence, to transfer your speech accurately and quickly into your medical records in real-time. Dragon Medical completely replaces a typist or transcription company. This will save you tens of thousands per year and save hours each day.

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Our Customers

"Thank you very much for following me up. Your training was extremely valuable to me as well as the little tips, eg the enter key to turn on and off the Dragon microphone. Yes, I would very much like some additional training!


I am so pleased with the product that I purchased from you last year that I would like to purchase one more license and another nuance power mic from you."


"The assistance provided in using this software was always of the very highest quality. This allowed me to use this software with minimal interruption to my work. I am not a technical person and the trainer demonstrated excellent communication skills and complete mastery of this software."


"From the first day I contacted you to setup Dragon Medical in my practice, I found you dealing in a very professional way and always have the patience and time to explain everything. Yesterday during my training it was no exception, you allowed for plenty of time to explain everything thoroughly. I am very pleased with the results."


Medical Voice recognition

Speech to text is a generic term for any technology that can turn your voice into text in real-time by allowing you to dictate directly into a document or perhaps a medical records program like Genie, Shexie, Best Practice, Medical Director and many other Australian electronic health record systems.

Speech to text

Once the stuff of science fiction, voice recognition technology is now becoming increasingly mainstream. People from all walks of life are coming to realise that they can benefit enormously from the ability to speak naturally and see their words appear on the computer screen.

Dragon Naturallyspeaking

You probably don’t know this but Dragon ships with a full PDF manual of over 200 pages. It’s so long that most people don’t read it.However there is some real useful information contained within the document. It’s called the Dragon NaturallySpeaking user guide

Dragon Medical

Dragon Medical One interacts directly with Windows - regardless of if it's installed locally on your computer or your remote terminal server. This allows you to input text into any medical records program - no matter what version.

Dragon medical one

Doctors simply do not have the time to work through the multiple issues if they try to use Dragon Professional in a medical environment.

Dragon Dictate

Contrary to popular belief voice recognition software has been around for many years. There is, however, one speech recognition product that has rapidly advanced the technology and has made it possible for you to speak naturally into a microphone while dictating and that is Naturally Speaking.

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