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Our National team can transition you to speech recognition quickly and professionally. With One-on-one onsite training we can integrate Dragon Medical into your Medical records software


Dragon Legal

Manual transcription is too slow and too expensive. Take control today and dictate your thoughts straight into your legal documents or practice software. Wireless and mobile solutions available.



Read our straight forward guide to getting started with speech recognition. If that's too much we have 30 second explainer video. Click here to get started!

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Professional Services

If you have already invested in speech recognition but aren't getting the value you expect, then we can help. With One-on-One onsite user training, expert support and 15 years of experience, we can get you back on track.


What OurCustomers Say

With over 20 000 Australia clients - we have lots of speech recognition success stories to share.

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Meet the National Team

Our people are experienced, expert and available nationally to help you transition to speech recognition. Come and meet your local representative.

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Product   &   Training Videos

We are the only Australian company that has invested in creating local demonstration videos and training guides. These guides will ensure your transition to voice recognition is a smooth one.

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