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Want to auto-transcribe a meeting, phone call lecture or interview? Need to identify each speaker automatically?

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Dragon Enterprise

Nuance Dragon Medical One has been heartily embraced by Perth-based orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Tao Shan Lim. 

“Dragon Medical One comes with a dedicated medical dictionary which is customised to your subspecialty. When you are dictating medical terms, the software understands what you are saying and transcribes with amazing accuracy. The number of corrections is minimal out-of-the-box and it improves over time as the cloud-based AI engine learns your voice. You can also train it further by adding words and phrases to the custom vocabulary. This is particularly useful when adding subspecialty terminology as well as similar sounding words and names.”

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Michigan Drive General Practitioner Kevin Naicker uses Nuance Dragon Medical One to increase workflow.

"Using Dragon Medical One has really revolutionized the way I practice. During my day, I can have a more fruitful consultation, a richer experience with my patient without worrying about typing in notes. Previously, I used to have to see the patient within the 10 minutes of consulting time, so it was very time challenged. This means that I would have to finish my work later ,at the end of the day or after the patient has left."

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Dragon Naturallyspeaking

"No more waiting for typists and having to send letters late. No more having to create letter folders to send or to receive. Being able to dictate letters in front of my patients and present them with the finished product immediately."

Medical Voice recognition

If you're currently using Dragon Professional v15, you may be missing out on some powerful new features and improvements. The latest version, Dragon Professional v16, offers full compatibility with Windows 11 and other software, enhanced commands, and optimized system security and resilience.

Dragon Naturallyspeaking

New product release:
Voice Recognition Australia has released the new 2022 Dragon Medical One - Veterinary Edition. Introductory pricing available for Aussie vets, Special Australian vocabulary enhances Dragon Medical One  - Veterinary for your busy vet practice.

Dragon Medical

Dragon Medical One interacts directly with Windows - regardless of if it's installed locally on your computer or your remote terminal server. This allows you to input text into any medical records program - no matter what version.

Dragon medical one

Doctors simply do not have the time to work through the multiple issues if they try to use Dragon Professional in a medical environment.

Dragon Dictate

Contrary to popular belief voice recognition software has been around for many years. There is, however, one speech recognition product that has rapidly advanced the technology and has made it possible for you to speak naturally into a microphone while dictating and that is Naturally Speaking.

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