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Harness the power of Dragon using the Philips phone app with SpeechLive. Dictate anywhere and have your text immediate sent back to your phone for review via the Philips Secure Cloud service. Find out how today.

Dragon Medical and Gentu

Presents Dragon Medical 4.2 and Gentu. Dragon Medical also works great in Genie via remote connections Call 1300 255 900 today!

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What our Customers say

Thank you very much for following me up. Your training was extremely valuable to me as well as the little tips, eg the enter key to turn on and off the Dragon microphone. Yes, I would very much like some additional training!
Dr Robert CookeDragon Medical
I am so pleased with the product that I purchased from you last year that I would like to purchase one more license and another nuance power mic from you.
Dr Michael SuenDragon Medical 4.2
The assistance provided in using this software was always of the very highest quality. This allowed me to use this software with minimal interruption to my work. I am not a technical person and the trainer demonstrated excellent communication skills and complete mastery of this software.
Peter Lawrence (Senior Lecturer UTAS)Dragon Professional 15
From the first day I contacted you to setup Dragon Medical in my practice, I found you dealing in a very professional way and always have the patience and time to explain everything. Yesterday during my training it was no exception, you allowed for plenty of time to explain everything thoroughly. I am very pleased with the results.
Dr Gamal NashedDragon Medical