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Dragon Medical One - Dermatology
Medical Records: Genie

dragon medical one

Doctor Jennifer Yip's review of
Dragon Medical One:

"Dragon Medical One has significantly increased my work efficiency with dictation of letters to GPs. It now takes me less than 1 minute to dictate a letter into Genie.

This programme allows me the ability to dictate freehand rather than using a rigid template. I can type fast but not as fast as Dragon Medical One and not as accurate.

It has been a game changer at work improving my workflow efficiency during the consultation, allowing me to give customised written instructions to patients and improving my overall efficiency.

My reception staff love this programme as it releases them from labour-intensive task of typing. They much prefer proof-reading my letters which is quicker for my staff and therefore improve their work efficiency.

I simply could not do without Dragon Medical One. This program allows me to finish work earlier freeing up my afternoons and evenings.

I would love to use this program at home with the Power microphone I bought from you as I can see the potential.

Dragon Medical One has improved my workflow efficiency enormously making my business more profitable and with a happier doctor and staff. This cloud-based programme has enabled me to achieve a better work- life balance.

Thank you Voice Recognition Australia."

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