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Voice Recognition Australia works with many IT support and service companies who provide high-quality services for legal, medical and corporate clients.

We take the hard work out of deploying Dragon as we provide the licensing, specialty microphones, support and user training. This means that you can implement this exciting personal productivity technology to your clients workplace with minimal fuss - in the shortest period of time. 

In return, your clients know that they are getting the absolute greatest and latest technology from your company. You don't have to worry about learning how to use and configure  Dragon. Voice Recognition Australia will manage all of that.
We also find that IT companies who deploy advanced speech recognition products improve their prestige and standing with their client base when they work with us, because we can ensure that the entire deployment goes smoothly.

We also offer significant financial incentives.

If you introduce a client to us and help us deploy the product -  we will provide a healthy finder's fee in return. And you can charge your client for additional on-site services in many cases.
With very little effort your company can profit from the deployment of this speech recognition technology.

We've already partnered with multiple IT service providers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. We are always looking to form new relationships with professional IT companies. We especially seek IT companies who service Medical Centres, Legal firms and Financial Planning companies.

These special partner relationships are managed by our Director Russell - who can brief you on how to work with us and on the financial incentives.

Russell can be contacted directly on 0756132082

You can also use our contact page to email us and we will call you back immediately.

I look forward to working with you.


Russell Bewsell
Managing Director
Voice Recognition Australia