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EPIC 301 ADDASOUND USB Headset Microphone (Black)

Product Highlights

  • Entry level Noise-Cancelling Microphone. Great Value. 
  • Digital sound enhancements with DSP technology
  • Plug and play, easy to set up and fast to deploy.
  • Robust design and high quality materials withstand intensive daily use
  • Great for Dragon, Zoom and Teams in low noise environments.

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EPIC 301 headsets provide the customers with outstanding noise cancelling  and audio experience in contact centres, open offices and home offices where UC platforms are deployed. Busy light indication allows the customer to concentrate on the work more efficiently.


Epic 301 (Monaural, Over-the-head, Noise-canceling, USB-A) BLACK

  • Directional noise cancelling microphone blocks the unwanted background noise to transmit the clear and natural sound
  • Lightweight memory steel headband, rotatable ear cap and flat foam ear cushions for a comfortable fit
  •  Convenient call management including call answer/end, mute, volume+ and volume- 
  • Busy light indication shows the working status and prevents unnecessary interruptions
  • Compatible with most leading UC platforms 
  • ADDASOUND's headsets follow the International Noise Safety Standards and help create a safe and comfortable work environment