Instead of starting with the boring corporate stuff I’m going to talk about our customers and their experiences. I’m going to dictate the rest of this page using Dragon Professional 15. So it might be a bit long-winded! A bit of a risk when using voice recognition software sometimes.

Voice Recognition Australia customers vary enormously. And we have over 40,000!

One of our clients is a highly respected Gastroenterologist in Sydney. He had a reliable medical transcriptionist for almost 20 years. Unfortunately, she developed a repetitive strain injury because of the typing. She was a fantastic staff member and could be put on other duties, but he needed to solve his transcription problem because he couldn’t type himself and didn’t have time. He needed to be up and running by the following Monday, and he rang me on a Friday morning!
He was completely unfamiliar with a Windows computer. So this was a real challenge to get him up and running using Dragon Medical. After discussing his situation and listening to his needs, I asked him to go to his local computer store and purchase a Windows 10 laptop. I then immediately shipped him the Dragon Medical package. Dragon Medical arrived on the following Monday morning. I remoted into his computer at lunchtime on the Monday and installed Dragon Medical. I also had to brief him on how to use a Windows PC. So this was pretty challenging. He was a fast learner, and within about two hours he was dictating directly into his patient notes. He was able to dictate the endoscopy reports directly. Dragon eliminated any requirement for any manual transcription or typing. This gastroenterologist had completely transformed his workflow in about two hours with my assistance. I call him regularly to see how he is doing. He loves Dragon Medical. There’s no way he can go back to old school transcription, and he doesn’t want to. A Dragon Medical success story.

Another client is a well-known journalist based in Canberra. Unfortunately he was injured in a car accident a few years ago. This greatly limited his ability to type and therefore limited his ability to earn an income.I initially started him on Dragon using a Windows PC, and now he’s moved on to using Dragon on his Mac. He has written several complete books using Dragon. Dragon restored his ability to operate as a journalist. I often speak to him about his next book and give him some tips about using Dragon, so he is always improving his dictation ability. Dragon’s has made a really big difference to his life.

The last client I will talk about owns a busy financial planning business in regional New South Wales. Because of all the legislative requirements for financial planners, she was swamped in writing client notes to ensure that she complied with the law. She was so swamped that she was even handwriting notes in getting staff to type them. This was very slow and prone to error. I trained her how to use a wireless handheld microphone (Philips) with Dragon Professional Individual 15. She was now able to dictate directly into her financial planning software (xplan) and she was able to dictate her client notes immediately. The notes were richer and more comprehensive than ever before, which is great for her clients. So using Dragon was a really big win for her and she uses Dragon to this day. In fact, she can’t work without it.

Now for the boring corporate stuff.

I started this company in the year 2000. I was working for a company that was using Dragon but didn’t really understand what it meant for the future. So I went out on my own to start a small business. I was only about 25 years old at the time and had no experience running a business. Suffice to say there was a big learning curve. I really believed that voice recognition would completely take over the way that we interfaced with our computers and I still do. I thought that keyboards would be obsolete by about 2010. Dragon was a good tool in 2010 but probably not good enough to eliminate the keyboard. Now in 2018 Dragon has come along in leaps and bounds. It can be used to completely control your computer and there is no need to be typing at all once you know how to use the software (we can help you with this).

We now see Dragon used widely throughout the world. Particularly in healthcare and in legal fields where there is very strong pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

Voice Recognition Australia is based in Queensland but has a national presence. We have staff in most capital cities who can visit you on-site to set up your Dragon and ensure that you get the most from the software.

We have over 18 years’ experience in training people with Dragon. Staff members have many many years collective experience using Dragon. So whether they visit you on-site or remote into your computer to help you out  - rest assured we know exactly what we are doing.

Occasionally we see competitors pop-up who are just selling Dragon boxes with no experience or expertise. Unfortunately, they often leave their clients without any help. Quite a few of our competitors have already folded. Keep this in mind when shopping around. Dragon is a complete system which includes software, microphones, training, setup advice and ongoing support. Make sure you get all of this from your supplier!

Voice Recognition Australia is a robust Australian family-owned company. All of our employees are based in Australia and are experts in their field. Now in our 18th year of business, you can be assured we will be here to help you years from now.
We are not going anywhere!

So consider our 18-year success story as a guarantee that we will look after you as you transition to using voice recognition as a proper productivity tool.

And we're open to feedback. You can always shoot us a message or visit our Facebook page to let us know what you think.

It would be great to hear from you.

Russell Bewsell
Managing Director
Voice Recognition Australia