At Voice Recognition Australia, we pride ourselves on our diverse customer base, numbering over 40,000. To highlight the impact our services have had on some of our clients, we would like to share a few success stories.

One of our clients, a highly respected gastroenterologist in Sydney, had a trusted transcriptionist for 20 years but the typist developed a repetitive strain injury from typing. He needed a solution quickly and was unfamiliar with Windows computers. We shipped him Dragon Medical, and after some training, he was able to dictate directly into his patient notes and endoscopy reports in just a few hours. He loves the software and has transformed his workflow.

Another client, a well-known journalist based in Canberra, was injured in a car accident that limited his typing ability and earning potential. We helped him start with Dragon on a Windows PC and later switch to a Mac. He has written multiple books using the software, which has restored his career as a journalist.

A financial planner in regional New South Wales was swamped with writing client notes by hand or through manual typing. We trained her to use a Philips wireless microphone with Dragon Professional Individual 15, allowing her to dictate directly into her financial planning software, resulting in richer and more comprehensive notes for her clients. She couldn't work without Dragon today.

At Voice Recognition Australia, we have over 23 years of experience in training people with Dragon and have a national presence with staff in major cities who can visit you on-site or assist remotely. We are a family-owned, robust, and all-Australian company, ensuring you receive the best support and expertise. Our 23-year success story serves as a guarantee of our commitment to helping you transition smoothly. Be wary of competitors who simply sell software without the necessary support and training. Choose Voice Recognition Australia for a complete solution that includes software, microphones, training, setup advice, and ongoing support.

And we're open to feedback. You can always shoot us a message or visit our Facebook page to let us know what you think.

It would be great to hear from you.

Russell Bewsell
Managing Director
Voice Recognition Australia