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"Why go with Dragon Medical?
Medical Dictation Software"

Transform Your Clinical Documentation with Dragon Medical One

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In the bustling environment of large hospitals and expansive clinics, efficient and accurate clinical documentation is paramount.

Dragon Medical One, the leading cloud-based speech recognition solution, is engineered to meet the high-volume demands of large-scale healthcare establishments. Here’s how Dragon Medical One could be the cornerstone of your healthcare documentation workflow:

Proven Accuracy:

With best-in-class speech recognition capabilities, Dragon Medical One delivers 99% accuracy, ensuring that your clinical documentation is precise and reflective of patient care.

Streamlined Mobile Dictation:

Utilizing the PowerMic Mobile app, clinicians can transform any workstation into a dictation station, dictating from anywhere within your facility using their smartphones as secure wireless microphones.

Scalable Deployment:

Dragon Medical One’s cloud infrastructure ensures seamless scalability to accommodate the growing needs of your healthcare organization. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of providers, our solution scales to meet your demands, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Centralized Administration:

Benefit from centralized user administration that simplifies the management of licenses, user accounts, and analytics. The central administration portal is a boon for IT teams managing large deployments, ensuring streamlined operations and compliance.

Integrated Workflow:

Integrate Dragon Medical One with your existing EHR systems like, enhancing documentation efficiency across all departments. Our solution ensures that your clinicians have an intuitive and responsive documentation assistant at their fingertips, regardless of where they are in your facility.

Enhanced Productivity:

Clinicians can reclaim up to two hours per day on documentation, redirecting this time towards patient care. The intuitive speech recognition software requires no voice profile training, ensuring quick adoption and immediate productivity gains.

Harness the power of conversational AI and elevate your clinical documentation with Dragon Medical One.

Contact us today to learn more about how Dragon Medical One can empower your healthcare organization with unparalleled documentation accuracy and efficiency.

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