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An exciting new speech recognition workflow solution.
Brought to you by Voice Recognition and Prescribe Digital

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Capture audio from several flexible dictation options

Unlock Healthcare innovation:

Work from anywhere with mobile & cloud-based functionality


Eliminates risks around errors, saving time with auto-populating templates and patient demographics


Always up-to-date. Simplified support and user training included. Cost effective.

Drive efficiencies in clinical documentation, with a single easy-to-use platform.

A complete set of tools to help people manage and perform their clinical correspondence work.

How it can help you

Amplify+ revolutionizes the healthcare sector by delivering efficient workflows that ensure high-quality, timely clinical correspondence, setting a new standard in patient care and operational excellence. Designed to bridge the gap between clinical and administrative teams, Amplify+ fosters collaboration within a unified platform, streamlining processes and enhancing team synergy.

This innovative approach not only optimizes healthcare delivery but also empowers professionals to focus on what matters most: patient care.

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How does it accomplish this?

A key feature of Amplify+ is its ability to drastically reduce risks associated with errors. By automatically populating templates and patient demographics, Amplify+ saves precious time and minimizes manual entry errors, thereby enhancing the accuracy of clinical documentation. This standardization across your organization ensures a consistent and reliable approach to patient records, elevating the quality of care provided.

Furthermore, Amplify+ enables efficient management and prioritization of critical and urgent work, allowing for simple workload monitoring. This feature is essential for healthcare facilities to maintain high levels of service and ensure that important actions are never overlooked. The Patient Pathway Manager feature within Amplify+ ensures that crucial steps in clinical documents are seamlessly captured and integrated into the patient's care plan.

How will it fit with your current systems?

Integration is at the heart of Amplify+, with full compatibility with your Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), or Patient Administration System (PAS), significantly reducing the need for multiple logins. This streamlined access enhances productivity and allows healthcare professionals to devote more time to patient care.

Built on a resilient cloud-based platform, Amplify+ ensures secure and reliable management of clinical documentation. Its flexibility enables your workforce to securely log in from any location, offering unparalleled convenience and adaptability. Whether at the hospital, a remote clinic, or on the go, Amplify+ provides the tools necessary for your team to deliver exceptional care, anytime, anywhere.

Dragon Medical One: Optional Integration

Amplify's compatibility with DMO offers a seamless integration that enhances dictation accuracy and efficiency, leveraging advanced voice recognition technology.
This integration is designed to streamline medical documentation processes, significantly reducing the administrative burden on healthcare professionals. 

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Why choose Voice Recognition Australia?

Voice Recognition Australia is the largest partner of Nuance Communications in the Asia-Pacific.

As a wholly owned Australian company with 24 years’ experience in transcription

Our CEO - Russell Bewsell - has over two decades experience working with speech-to-text and healthcare transcription software/services.

Our customers include QLD Health, NSW Health, VIC Health, Calvary Mater & more

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