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New! Cloud medical transcription & clinical documentation workflow.

One interoperable platform: built for healthcare. A secure cloud-based, voice recognition enabled AI solution for modern, mobile transcription.

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Capture audio from several flexible dictation options

Unlock Healthcare innovation:

Work from anywhere with mobile & cloud-based functionality


Optimise workflow: maximise the time of in-house teams and seamlessly call on our people support when demand requires.


Always up-to-date. Simplified support and user training included. Cost effective.

A new Hospital / Clinic transcription and dictation solution brought to you by:

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Complete documentation creation

Streamline the way documentation is created, managed and distributed, while improving patient care. This solution delivers a tightly integrated system that enables clinicians and support staff to work together more efficiently to tackle document creation, management and distribution. Letters, medical reports and other documents are produced faster, and teams are more efficient through flexible document creation and distribution practices.

Automate document distribution

Documents can be shared in real-time to clinical staff, external transcription providers, patients and other information management systems through integrations with EMRs or other clinical information systems, our secure outsourcing module and automatic distribution via secure email, fax, and/or automatic print. By automating distribution, healthcare service responsiveness is enhanced, and patient safety is improved.

Voice-enabled document creation

Clinicians can use Amplify+ to dictate letters and patient reports with a microphone, digital recorder or mobile device. Clinicians can also utilise Nuance’s AI-based speech recognition functionality to further enhance the documentation process and reduce the need for medical transcription, allowing clinicians to quickly and accurately create and electronically sign documents for immediate distribution.

Dragon Medical 

Integrated with Dragon Medical One, this enterprise medical transcription system allows doctors to dictate patient records using their phone or using a secure webpage. Dictation can be checked by a typist before approval.

Alternatively, the doctor can make a voice recording using the secure supplied phone app. That's then automatically transcribed by AI voice recognition, then your medical  transcription team can check, edit and send to the doctor for approval. 

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Why choose Voice Recognition Australia?

Voice Recognition Australia is the largest partner of Nuance Communications in the Asia-Pacific.

As a wholly owned Australian company with 21 years’ experience

Our CEO - Russell Bewsell - has over two decades experience working with Dragon software and Nuance Communications

Our customers include Federal Parliament House

Voice Recognition Australia, firmly established in Queensland, has partnered with the globally acclaimed Prescribe Digital, experts in dictation, transcription, and voice recognition. This powerful alliance is set to revolutionise Australian healthcare, offering secure, cost-effective, and superior dictation and transcription solutions.

If you have any questions about our company or our services please call us on 

1300 255 900

and ask for someone from the management team.

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