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Will Dragon Medical Work with My 
Medical Records program?

Dragon Medical One works with any Windows Based health record!

Dragon Medical One  interacts directly with Windows -  regardless of if it's installed locally on your computer or your remote terminal server. This allows you to input text into any medical records program - no matter what version.
If you're running an Apple Mac and remoting into a Windows server to use your medical records, then you can install Dragon Medical One on the server. That will allow you to use Dragon Medical One via an Apple Mac -  see how.

Order Dragon Medical One & Save

Dragon Medical One is compatible with Episoft

Dragon Medical One is compatible with Genie Solutions

Dragon Medical One is compatible with Best Practice

Also compatible with Gentu or any cloud based EHR

Dragon Medical One is compatible with Shexie


Regardless of the type or version of the electronic health record in use, Dragon Medical One will empower you to dictate directly into your medical records.

This will save you at least an hour a day and most doctors are finding that the return on investment is within one month:
"an order of magnitude in cost savings by using Dragon Medical One over employing or outsourcing to a typist."

Thousands of doctors have shifted to Dragon Medical One in the last few months. This revolutionary new artificial intelligence enabled technology is revolutionising medical dictation in Australia and worldwide.

What are you waiting for?

Call 1300 255 900 today and start dictating within 1 hour.

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