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Does Dragon Medical work on an Apple MacOS?

This is a good question, as about 20% of our clients are running Apple Mac.

Hundreds of our Apple Mac clients are now using Dragon Medical One Cloud very successfully.

Most doctors who are using MacOS computers are using a remote desktop connection to access their medical records on a Windows server.

Dragon Medical One is a small cloud app which is installed on a Windows computer, which can be a Windows desktop, or a windows server (or terminal).

You can use Dragon Medical One on an Apple Mac. You will use the iPhone Dragon Medical One app in conjunction with the remote desktop connection on the Mac to dictate directly into the medical records on your windows server.

The only scenario where this will not work, is if you are running a Mac only environment with a Mac server. Usually this is a Genie Solutions Mac server. In this case you cannot use Dragon Medical One. This is a very uncommon setup. 
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If you are on a MacOS, you can use Dragon Medical One. You simply use the iPhone Dragon Medical One app in conjunction with the Remote Desktop Connection on the Mac to
dictate directly into the medical records on your Windows server.  



Voice Recognition Australia is the largest partner of Nuance Communications in the Asia-Pacific.

As an Australian company with 21 years’ experience working with Nuance (Dragon), you can be assured that any speech recognition system will be professionally installed and maintained by our customer service and technical teams.

Our customers include Federal Parliament House, Department of Defence, Department of Health, Australian Tax office, the Federal court, every federal and state health Department and tens of thousands of individual businesses, medical and legal practices.

Please be aware that there are new overseas-based companies in Australia selling Dragon software who are not Australian owned and may not be here in the long-term to support you. This is particularly important as Dragon moves to subscription services.

That's why it's important to deal with the official Dragon Distributor - Voice Recognition Australia

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does dragon medical work on a mac?
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