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Dragon Medical Australia

Dictate directly into Genie, MD, BP, Shexie, ZedMed and more.

Dragon Medical cloud

The Secure Cloud hold your user profile and synchronises across devices.

dragon medical one

Create richer, more comprehensive medical notes by simply speaking.

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AI-powered accuracy
Secure Australian Cloud 
Affordable subscription-based pricing

Document complete patient care — anytime, anywhere

Voice Recognition Australia will integrate Dragon Medical One into your medical records software application such as Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice and dozens more. This specially designed software is supplied as a complete service to optimise your dictation.

Dragon Medical One Includes:

  • Dragon Medical One 1 year Subscription 
  • Handheld or headset microphone or use your phone.
  • 12 months help/desk technical support
  • On-site or remote training
  • Official Website - Buy with Confidence
  • We have 21 years experience with Dragon
  • Exclusive Online YouTube Video tutorials
  • Genie, Shexie, Medical Director, BP compatible
dragon medical one

Common questions about Dragon Medical One

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PowerMic Mobile - Use a Smart-phone with Dragon Medical One
If Dragon Medical no longer requires voice training, why is user training included as part of your package?
I’m not using any medical records programs. Can Dragon Medical dictate to other programs?

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