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Dragon Medical One

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Integrate Dragon Medical One into your medical records software such as Genie, Shexie, Medical Director, Best Practice and more. This specially designed cloud dictation is supplied as a complete service to optimise your dictation. Smartphone app included and upgrades are available.

Dragon Medical One

Highly Accurate, State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition

Dragon Medical One

Easy to install and setup

Dragon Medical One

Fast and simple to use

Dragon Medical One

Budget friendly

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Save $200 this EOFY

Dragon Medical One

An evolution in medical software

Dragon Medical One
Dragon Medical One
Dragon Medical One
Dragon Medical One

Why choose Voice Recognition Australia?

Voice Recognition Australia

Voice Recognition Australia is the largest partner of Nuance Communications in the Asia-Pacific.

Voice Recognition Australia

As a wholly owned Australian company with 21 years’ experienceRead Moreworking with Dragon software, you can be assured that any speech recognition system will be professionally installed and maintained by our customer service and technical teams.Read Less

Voice Recognition Australia

Our CEO - Russell Bewsell - has over two decades experience working with Dragon software and Nuance Communications.Read MoreNo other company in Australia can provide these credentials and the security of knowing you're dealing with an Australian company that has a proven track record of delivering voice recognition services.Read Less

Voice Recognition Australia

Our customers include Federal Parliament HouseRead More, Department of Defence, Australian Tax office, the Federal court, every federal and state health Department and tens of thousands of individual businesses, medical and legal practices.Read Less

Please be aware that there are new overseas-based companies in Australia selling Dragon software who are not Australian owned and may not be here in the long-term to support you. This is particularly important as Dragon moves to subscription services.

That's why it's important to deal with the official partner - Voice Recognition Australia

If you have any questions about our company or our services please call us on 
1300 255 900 
and ask for someone from the management team.

Dragon Medical One - What you need to know.

Why choose Dragon Medical One over other consumer level voice recognition products?

Dragon Medical One is a complete system which is engineered to support you long-term. Dragon Medical One is also a completely different program to the consumer level Dragon Professional product,. Did you know that over 60% of Doctors in the US are using Dragon?
Dragon Medical One contains different medical vocabularies which make an enormous difference to accuracy and speed of dictation. For example, there’s no way that the consumer Dragon program would understand orthopaedic, ophthalmology or gastroenterology terminology.
Dragon Medical One is also much newer than Dragon Professional 15, as it was only released a few months ago.
Read our new article about Dragon Professional versus Dragon Medical today.

How does Dragon Medical One work?

Watch our you tube videos of Dragon Medical One with Genie, best practice, medical director right now to see exactly how Dragon medical works with your records programs. 

Our clinic uses a remote desktop session to access their medical records on a server? Can Dragon Medical work on a server?

Dragon Medical One can tunnel through your remote session and dictate directly (live) straight into the remotely hosted document. Dragon Medical One can also be loaded on your server. Talk to us about this.

I’m running an Apple Mac so does that mean I can’t use Dragon Medical since it’s only compatible with Windows?

Dragon Medical One works perfectly fine if you are remoting into a Windows Server to access your medical records. Dragon Medical One will be loaded onto the Windows server instead of your Mac. This works great!

Can I upgrade from older versions of Dragon Medical?

Yes. You can upgrade from Dragon Professional, Premium, Dragon Medical v2/3/4 and save even more on Dragon Medical One. Dragon Medical Upgrade pricing here.

PowerMic Mobile - Use a Smart-phone with Dragon Medical One

 PowerMic™ Mobile, compatible with Dragon® Medical One, turns personal mobile devices into convenient, wireless microphones and bypasses the hassles of USB ports, soundcards, or audio drivers. Plus, users move from room to room, workstation to workstation, documenting patient care virtually anywhere— not just at the EHR workstation.

If Dragon Medical One no longer requires voice training, why is user training included as part of your package?

The training that Voice Recognition Australia provides as part of its package will ensure that the program is configured for your medical record software, programmed for your remote session and most importantly we will show you how to modify the Dragon Medical vocabulary to suit your unique requirements. We will also show you how to create custom voice commands so that you can simply say one or two words and generate complete reports or boilerplate text, rapidly accelerating the speed of which you can generate documentation. We’ll also show you how to optimise your speech recognition when using the included digital microphone. And will show you how to backup and store your user profile so that you can transfer it to another computer and have Dragon medical running at multiple locations. Essentially, we’re training you on the mechanics of the software to ensure you get the best performance long-term.

I’m not using any medical records programs. Can Dragon Medical dictate to other programs?

Dragon Medical One can dictate into any program on your Windows computer. Dragon Medical is highly optimised for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. However, it will allow you to dictate into any window that presents a text cursor. So, if you are perhaps dictating medical legal text into a long word document then Dragon Medical will work brilliantly in this application and any other.

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