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voice to text transcription

Tired of typing out audio recordings? 
Paying for expensive transcription services?  Manually typing meeting notes? has launched worldwide.  Transcribe any audio or
video completely for free! Identify speakers. Create an AI Summary of a meeting.
20+ Languages. Fast and cheap.

voice to text transcription

Why pay for expensive dictation services or extra staff?

Are you done with typing up meeting notes or phone calls?

Get a free 2 hour trial to use this state-of-the-art speech to text transcription service. 

Start transcribing right now - For free.

Identify Individual speakers

Upload an audio file and see what each speaker has said automatically.

Automatically list each speaker to aid in the transcription of a meeting. Multiple speakers can be captured. Upload the audio and everything is done automatically.

Automatic Punctuation

No need to manually add punctuation

This new technology will automatically punctuate and space out the text, so it's far more readable and can be copied into any document with minimal editing. It is amazing to see in action. This automatic speech-to-text system is at least 20 X faster than typing. And cheaper.

Fast and inexpensive

Supreme Accuracy -  Multiple Speakers

Cloud-based machine learning system is very accurate and able to tolerate various audio sources such as phone calls, meetings with model speakers, recordings from your phone or digital dictation device. Speaker independent system. It does not matter who is speaking.

Voice Recognition Australia is the most experienced Voice Recognition provider in Asia-Pacific.

A wholly owned Australian company with 22 years’ experience in speech to text systems.

Our CEO - Russell Bewsell - has over two decades experience working with voice recognition software

Our customers include Federal Parliament House, State Parliaments, various state agencies include Policing forces and Health deptartments.

This service is a limited free trial where  you can transcribed any recording you wish. Eventually this system will be a paid on demand service which will be radically cheaper than any existing typing or transcription service.

If you have any questions about our company:

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