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Dragon Medical One - General Surgery Medical Records: Genie

dragon medical one

Doctor Stephen Birrell's review of
Dragon Medical One:

"I am a profoundly dyslexic, non-touch typist, specialist breast cancer surgeon that only sees high risk patients. As well I am an molecular cancer research biologist that specialises in hormonal carcinogenesis.

Every day I write complex long letters and scientific papers which requires an extensive medical scientific vocabulary.

After waiting for decades for a software package that would help me with my very specific problems-Dragon Medical One was the answer.

Not only has my productivity doubled, the strain associated with written communication has been almost completely removed. The accuracy of the software is quite remarkable and I use it every day in both work and personal life.

I would recommend it as an effective way of taking complex spoken language and converting to text-it alters the nature of ones writing away from hesitate typing to a fluidity of speech that is much more elegant and professional.

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