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Dragon Medical One - Neurology
Medical Records: Genie

dragon medical one

Doctor Raoul Pope's review of
Dragon Medical One:

"Dragon Medical One has been a revelation to my specialist neurosurgical practice and seamlessly integrates into my Genie practice software. The pick-up accuracy and efficiency has saved me significant time and money which lets my secretarial staff focus on other important issues of the practice.

 Adding new words and correcting dictation is very simple and its adaptive technology to learn new words is extremely useful. I have recently started using my iPhone smart phone as my dictation vessel and it has proven to be easier than using my Phillips Dictaphone. I can also dictate on the move and I do not need to carry as much hardware with me for different locations.

The support service is extremely efficient and friendly and all my problems have been resolved quickly and effectively.

 This has been simply the most cost effective and useful resource for my consulting practice and I would thoroughly recommend this for any practice large or small whether server based or cloud-based. I look forward to upgrade's and improvements in the future for which they are always working on."

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