What are the differences between Dragon Premium and Dragon Professional?
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What are the differences between Dragon Premium and Dragon Professional?

If you've decided to ditch your keyboard and mouse and move into the future with speech recognition software, then you'll no doubt be wondering what the difference is between the various Dragon versions.

The answer is pretty easy, and it's all in the name. Let's take a look at what distinguishes Dragon Professional from Dragon Premium, and the other factors to keep in mind when starting to use the software.

Dragon Premium

We'll start with Dragon Premium – a piece of software that's been designed largely for consumers. It's the perfect tool to integrate speech recognition into what you do day to day, whether that's working on documents at home or even browsing your computer and the internet.

Given the consumer focus, this version of the software works well with email clients like Outlook and Gmail, and browsers from Internet Explorer through to Chrome and Firefox.

The real benefit of Dragon Premium is that it can cut typing by at least 80 per cent, and the latest version (13) doesn't require training to use. This means you can get up and running with ease.

Dragon Premium is obviously the best option for consumers, but where does this leave professionals?

Dragon Professional

This option is best for professionals, including academic, business and government users. Why? It all comes down to the large vocabulary – the critical part of the software that means it's able to identify complex words. This is essential for businesses where complicated terminology is used every day.

Another key feature of Dragon Professional is the ability to install it on more than one computer, as is also the case with Dragon Premium. Professional allows users to place it on four different computers, whether it's two at work and two at home, or any other arrangement.

What's more, Professional includes advanced network as well as vocabulary management features, which allows businesses to export corporate vocabulary to other users in a network – making it easier than ever to run the software within a business.

And the other considerations?

There's also Dragon Medical Practice Edition, which is perfect for doctors needing to save time. This piece of software allows medical professionals to use complex terms related to their field – similar to how Dragon Professional handles terminology.

Voice to text is the best way to record information, regardless of whether you're toiling away at a novel or annotating lengthy legal documents.

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