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Australian digitisation on the rise

As American engineer and pioneering inventor Douglas Engelbart said, "the digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing."

He wasn't wrong. Digital technologies have changed a massive number of sectors, including recruitment, finance and marketing, and the improvements will only continue. 

The conversion of text documents to digital alternatives, or digitisation, is one of the most significant technology trends, and it will keep changing how businesses operate over the next few years.

The medical sector will see a significant amount of digitisation over the next few years – representing a perfect opportunity for professionals to utilise capable voice recognition software.

Medical digitisation growing

A firm called UnitingCare Health in Australia is working to deploy the first "fully integrated digital hospital", according to a recent article from CIO. This hospital will connect medical staff with e-medical records, X-rays, vital sign machines and any other additional healthcare information. 

As a result, it will be easier for medical professionals to access this information and share it across the the facility if necessary. It's easy to see how this system could be used in other hospitals across Australia.

Research from Markets and Markets released in January found that the medical document management system market (the technologies use to control digital documents) has risen in importance in the healthcare sector in recent years.

This is will continue too, growing  from $220 million last year to be worth around $424.5 million by 2019. However, it's going to be important that doctors and other medical professionals have the right tools on hand to keep up with these new medical systems. Tools like Dragon Dictate.

An opportunity for voice recognition

Voice recognition can make it far easier for medical workers to transcribe information into digital form, as all they need to do is speak and the text is transcribed to a document or application on the computer.

Uniting Care Health's chief medical information officer, Monica Trujillo, explained the benefits of Dragon Dictate to CIO. She noted how doctors are now training with the software to ensure that it's able to pick up nuances and differences in their voices.

"Doctors can spend more time with patients and less time documenting," she noted. This helps them manage an increasing workload and improve the level of care for each patient, as well as boosting compliance.


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