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vxi voxstar bluetooth headset microphone
Dragon Professional 13 &
New VoxStar Bluetooth Wireless

Dragon 13 Pro Software with the new VXI noise canceling wideband BlueTooth headset microphone. A highly accurate and very comfortable wireless solution for busy professionals. In fact, we only have two of these packages left in stock. 
Order Dragon Professional 13 and VXI VoxStar Wireless headset before it's sold out! 

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dragon premium 13 software

Dragon 13 - Now Available

Dragon 13 no longer requires voice training!
This is a huge improvement over any previous version. In the past you had to read a series of paragraphs to teach the program about how you sound. This was tedious and time-consuming - you no longer have to do this!  
Start Dragon in the morning and dictate into every window that you are planning on typing into. Just turn on your microphone and start speaking.
15% more accurate than version 12 a lot more accurate than version 10 or 11. buy dragon premium


olympus ds 7000

DS-7000 On Sale for Only $539 - RRP$699
Sale ends this month. Three units left. 

The Olympus DS7000 digital voice recorder (also known as the digital dictaphone or notetaker) is the top-of-the-line model from the market leader in digital dictation, Olympus. The metal body of the DS 7000 ensures that it is durable enough to last you a long time and is the device and quality look and feel that we have come to expect of Olympus’ products. 
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Why order from Voice Recognition Australia?

An official Australian Nuance and Olympus Australia distributor

Overnight Shipping in Australia using Australian Air Express (tracked)

Tested and certified so we have the expertise to advise you

We only sell Australian accent speech recognition software

And we are 100% Australian owned and operated

We provide
 user training. Get the most from your investment in speech recognition


free shipping

Order over $200 have a free ground freight shipping option. Or if you need the goods urgently, we have a StarTrack express air shipping option (24-48 hours). 
buddy microphone desktop 7g usb

InSynch Buddy Desktop and Goose Neck Microphones in Stock

The excellent and highly accurate 
InSynch Buddy 7G Desktop and Buddy Goose Neck digital USB microphones are now in stock. These microphones are fantastic for Dragon users who cannot wear a headset microphone. We only have a few of these in stock, so get in quick.


Slow typing and spelling errors slowing you down?

"I can't stand typing and I'm in too much of a rush to worry about spelling and grammar." Sound familiar?

Dragon 13 can solve this problem quickly and easily.That's why we have posted several new Dragon 13  YouTube demos - to show you how to get started! 
Check out these videos and call us to discuss today! 

Introduction to Speech Recognition - Dragon 13