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How does Speech Recognition work?

What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Read on to find out.

NEW - Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 speech to text software has just been released in Australia and can 
greatly reduce the workload for medical professionals.

Medical Professionals and hospitals can significantly reduce - or eliminate transcription costs - 
saving time and money.

Imagine not having to wait 2-3 days for transcription to be returned?

We can show you how today!

To discuss your individual needs - Call us today on 1300 255 900

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Who are we?

VoiceRecognition.com.au is an Australian owned company specialising in speech recognition products, training and support.

We have been supplying, supporting, and training voice recognition users in
government, business and education organisations for over 14 years.

We are Nuance Communications Gold Certificated specialist advisors.


We also stock the best accessories for use with speech recognition
applications, including noise canceling microphones and the
market leading Olympus and Philips digital voice recorder equipment.


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On-site training and support

Dragon 12 has consistently been reviewed as the simplest and most accurate
voice to text program on the market.

But without user training you won't get the most from your investment in this technology.

We have been training users for over 14 years and we can you visit on-site for an assessment. Alternatively, we can train you remotely.


We also provide a Training Certificate!


Call 1300 255 900

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Why order from Voice Recognition Australia?

An official Australian Nuance and Olympus Australia distributor

Overnight Shipping in Australia using Australian Air Express (tracked)

Tested and certified so we have the expertise to advise you

We only sell Australian accent speech recognition software

And we are 100% Australian owned and operated

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Special sale on Dragon Professional and Legal packages until July 31.
We are also incuding a FREE GIFT for the next ten orders only.
First ten orders will receive either: 
an Olympus Voice recorder (DP20),
a USB Microphone or Blue Eyeball Webcam.  
Put your requested gift in the comments section at checkout.


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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Australian Demonstration

Philips DPM-8000 recorder with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2


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New Article - How to transition from Tape Recordings to Digital Transcription?

olympus digital transcription

Many medical and legal practices in Australia have made the switch to digital transcription equipment and hardware to speed up their operations and to produce more accurate and lower cost transcription.

However, this transition to digital transcription is not always easy or smooth because it is hard to get good advice about what equipment works best. That's because each business practice has different requirements and different workflow needs. 

We can help...read on about digital audio transcription.

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Dragon Medical Practice 2 launched in Australia!

dragon medical practice

A short article about how voice recognition can help your medical practice save transcription costs.

Saving transcription costs and improving patient records

The Dragon Medical solutions family is the leading speech recognition solution in healthcare today.

This speech recognition technology has been chosen by more than 180,000 physicians worldwide to document clinical records and dictate correspondence, making it the most widely used speech recognition solution for physicians.

 Click here for more information.