Top 10 Reasons to Use Dragon voice recognition software.
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Top 10 Reasons to Use Dragon voice recognition software.

People use speech recognition for many different reasons. Here is a list of the Top 10 reasons why people use speech recognition in Australia.

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1. Business and Government

Some business people literally think better on their feet. Composing meeting notes, preparing reports, composing and sending business emails, working on projects, and creating business letters can all be done while pacing around the office or even staring out the office window. Government employees are often required to write lengthy reports-even if they never go anywhere. Very few government employees are trained to type correctly so their typing is very slow. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 empowers them to simply dictate the report straight into their computer not only is this about three times faster than typing, but Dragon can’t make any spelling mistakes. Dragon speech recognition also minimises the chance of them getting carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injury from too much typing. So there are obvious benefits to the government and to the government employees.

2. Writers and journalists

Creative writers and journalists love this software. When dictating, the words appear three times faster than when typing. A writer is also free to move away from the computer and keyboard and move around as they verbalise what they are thinking. No longer being tethered to one spot and not having to worry about typing or spelling allows the writer more opportunity for the creative process to blossom. Voice Recognition Australia has several customers who are accomplished writers. Many books have been written using Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Australia.

3. Email and Social Media

Dragon Naturally Speaking makes composing an email or sending out a tweet to your friends and family as easy as casual conversation. No more typing 140 characters to keep your buddy updated on the AFL game. No more having to feel like the act of typing is keeping you from saying what’s really in your heart at that moment. You can even update your Facebook status lying on the couch with your eyes closed!

4. Doctors and Medical Professionals

Doctors are often required to write lengthy medical reports – this is especially true if they have a specialty (such as surgery) or are required to write medical-legal insurance reports. Being time poor, doctors need to ensure that they are maximising their productivity. Dragon Medical One is designed specifically for doctors because it has 90 specialist vocabularies. This makes the program highly accurate. Doctors can complete the reports in usually about one third of the time and are often creating richer more complete reports, because Dragon allows them to verbalise their ideas in a much more fluid way than typing.

5. Physically Challenged Users

For individuals with a physical handicap that makes it difficult or impossible to use a keyboard, voice recognition software is a godsend. While all operating systems come with some capabilities in speech recognition, Dragon Naturally Speaking is far more efficient and versatile, especially with the verbal commands for editing what you write and using the full functionality of various software programs. This software can also be beneficial to seniors with arthritis, weakened eyesight, or other joint issues. People with spinal cord injuries often use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to enable them to communicate with the outside world and use social media and so forth. Dragon speech recognition makes a real difference to their lifestyle.

6. Students, Educators and Teachers

If you’re running behind and need to knock out that 4000 word essay within the next 24 hours, but you type at 20 words per minute with two fingers, then speech recognition becomes a necessity. Many academics have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking to complete their PhD thesis. Speech recognition is also used by educators and university staff to help them complete their day-to-day activities. Students, teachers and academics all benefit from speech recognition software on a day-to-day basis in Australia. And there is even special discount pricing for them.

7. Ergonomic Computer Use

Recent health reports show that sitting for long periods of time can be very hard on the body. Additionally, starring at the computer screen without looking away for long periods of time can cause painful eyestrain that can lead to headaches and a general weakening of the eyes. Using this quality speech control software allows one to free themselves from the desk chair and look all around at various focal lengths while still remaining as productive as ever, in fact even more productive! And there are other obvious benefits such as damage to your wrists and hands from overuse when typing. Many thousands of people in Australia use Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a regular basis because they have carpal tunnel injury or a repetitive strain type injury. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has allowed them to return to work fully productive within a short period of time. The real question is, why did they wait until they had an injury before they started using speech recognition? It could have been avoided by using Dragon speech recognition proactively in the workplace.

8. Blogging and Diary Notes

Have you ever noticed that what you write is different from what you say? Professional grade voice recognition software allows you to easily speak your thoughts into a daily journal or blog. Most people find that they add more to their online blog if they speak their thoughts rather than writing them down. You can lie down, close your eyes, and enter a very relaxed state as you verbalise your daily thoughts. You can also use Dragon Naturally Speaking to very quickly record information you don’t want to forget instead of writing notes on little pieces of paper that are so often lost! Dragon NaturallySpeaking also works with digital voice recorders, so you can record your thoughts when out and about and have the text transcribed at a later stage.

9. Web Surfing

Take web surfing to a whole new level, one that is faster and more relaxing. With no typing necessary, you can literally say what you want to view and the software will deliver at lightning speed! For example, you can say you want the weather report for Sydney or Brisbane and the browser will automatically pull up the weather report and display it on your computer screen. You can say you want to convert 10.4 miles into kilometres, and an instant Google search will reveal the answer for you in seconds. Dragon Naturally Speaking works seamlessly with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Mozilla.

10. Voice Commands For Windows Applications

Dragon Naturally Speaking works with multiple Windows based applications such as Word, Open Office, WordPerfect, and Outlook. Using voice commands only, you can open the applications, open new windows, scroll up and down, highlight text, use buttons, etc. You can also program in special voice command short-cuts for actions that would normally require several steps. You can literally run these popular programs with their entire functionality without ever touching the keyboard. With Dragon you can take control of your PC by voice. This can drastically cut down your mousing and keyboarding input time.

That’s just a few of the reasons why people use Dragon speech recognition on a daily basis in Australia. Having sold Dragon NaturallySpeaking for over 14 years, we have discovered many other reasons why people use speech recognition software. It really depends what you need to achieve and how efficient you need to become on a daily basis.

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