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Dragon Premium 13 Now Available for download

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 is now available for ordering.

The digital download version of Dragon Premium 13 is available for ordering right now. You will not receive a DVD in the mail, but you will receive a headset depending on which package you order.dragon 13 premium

If you wish to have the physical DVD shipped to you,  order the Premium DVD box version. These will be shipped in approximately
mid-August. If there are any delays beyond that we will communicate this to all of our customers who have pre-ordered.

There are some pretty significant improvements to version 13, which makes it a worthy upgrade from version 11 or 12. Of course if you have Dragon Premium 11/12,  you only need to order the upgrade not the full version. The upgrades are available from the Dragon Premium 13 upgrade webpage.

Why should I upgrade to Dragon Premium 13?

  • Dragon 13 is up to 15% more accurate than version 12. That means less errors that you have to correct per page. There’s been almost 2 years of development on Dragon 12 to create the v13. That is some very serious work on the speech recognition engine, and if you’re on version 11 – you are getting almost four years of improvements – so you will gain far more than a 15 per cent improvement.
  • Dragon 13 now works with Facebook, Twitter, Firefox and Google chrome.
  • You do not need to train the user, so the new user setup takes only a minute or so. (no need to read the ten minute story)
  • Dragon 13 works faster on current PCs than v12 and takes advantage of more advanced computer hardware to deliver higher accuracy.
  • The DragonBar has been complete redesigned. Its easier to use and a lot less intrusive.
  • Dragon 13’s  new Smart formatting works a lot better. So that means less corrections for commas, abbreviations etc
  • To take advantage of these enhancements you will need a high quality digital USB microphone. We are recommending the NC181USB,or the WNC1500 if you want wireless.

So what about Dragon Professional 13 and Dragon legal 13? We will be making an announcement about this a few weeks or so. Rest assured if you buy a current Dragon Professional 12 we will make sure that you get a free upgrade to Dragon 13 without issue. This includes Dragon Legal 12 as well.

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 255 900, or visit our Facebook or Twitter page and post your questions.

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