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Dragon Naturally Speaking is the most accurate, sophisticated and powerful speech recognition program in the world. Speech recognition by Microsoft, Google (android) and Apple simply do not compare to the speed and accuracy of Dragon 14.

Dragon uses all the resources on your computer to process a very large, complex Australian English vocabulary. It can generate the text almost as quickly as you can speak. Instead of typing, you can simply speak into a microphone and the words will appear on your PC. 

Because computers over the last few years have become so powerful and so fast, Dragon is able to harness this power, so that it can generate text far faster than you could possibly type. Generally, it's about 80% faster than typing, depending on the individual's typing ability. So you can imagine how much time you'll be able to save by dictating, as opposed to tapping each key and then checking the spelling.

Dragon is incapable of making spelling errors, as it uses an Australian dictionary. It might occasionally put a "like sounding" word down which is not wanted, but this is easily corrected. By making these corrections, you are improving the accuracy of the program. Dragon is on a continuous improvement curve from the day you start using it! It gets more accurate every time you use it.

Another advantage of Dragon 14 - apart from the fact that is at least 15% more accurate than v12 and far more accurate  - is it you no longer have to complete voice training. This is the first Dragon product ever released that does not require you to read a series of paragraphs to train the program. This is a huge revolution in speech recognition. It means almost anyone can pick up the program, set up a voice profile and start dictating. It's much easier and simpler to set up and use. In fact it only takes a few minutes to get started.

If you get stuck setting up or using Dragon, you can contact us at Voice Recognition Australia. With 15 years experience using Dragon NaturallySpeaking we can advise you, train you and generally give you a hand. No other retailer in Australia has this depth of experience with speech recognition.  We can answer almost any question about Dragon voice recognition software. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Dragon for Mac Medical 5

    Introducing new clinical-grade features with an updated speech recognition engine, updated medical vocabularies, support for OS X El Capitan (10.11), enhanced support for more accents, and much more.

    Digital Download will be supplied. No headset is supplied unless optioned below.

    Dragon for Mac Medical, v5 is a flexible speech recognition solution that enables the clinician to quickly capture comprehensive clinical documentation while spending more time on what matters – their patients. Dragon for Mac Medical streamlines documentation workflow by allowing clinicians to dictate appointment and medical record notes directly into their EHR, such as MacPractice version 5, as well as easily turn speech into text.
    In addition, clinicians can dictate and edit documents, or control their Mac all by voice within popular web, email and desktop applications such as Microsoft Word 2016 or Gmail. Dragon for Mac Medical’s accurate speech recognition technology adapts to the user’s voice and words, with customizable vocabulary and commands and an easy-to-use interface. Spend less time typing and more time with patients to improve patient satisfaction, practice volume and profitability. 



    As low as: $1,485.00

  • Upgrade Dragon for Mac Medical 5

    Upgrade from Dragon Dictate Mac 4 Medical to Version 5 today!

    Digital Download Upgrade will be supplied. No headset is supplied unless optioned below.
    A valid installation of Dragon Dictate Medical 3 or 4 is required.

    With Dragon for Mac Medical Version 5, it's now easier to capture your patient's story—with richer detail and greater accuracy—in EHR or other applications.

    Dragon for Mac Medical, version 5, is a flexible speech recognition solution that enables the clinician to capture comprehensive clinical documentation into the EHR—quickly and accurately—to improve clinical documentation and productivity. Supports OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite or OS X El Capitan.



    As low as: $769.00

  • dragon legal 13 upgrade

    Dragon Professional 11/12 to Legal 13 Upgrade

    DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. No headset supplied.

    Download link will arrive within 48hrs of order being placed.


    Sku: UPROLEG13
  • Dragon Legal Software - Naturally Speaking

    Dragon 13 Legal Professional Edition (windows PC) is a fantastic tool for busy legal professionals to deal with emails and get their paperwork in order. The most powerful and feature rich edition of Dragon 13, this voice recognition software works faster and more accurately than ever with a vast legal specific vocabulary. This edition has full digital voice recorder support. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.Download link will arrive within 48hrs of order being placed. 
    As a digitial download this product does not come with a microphone. 
    Please select a microphone from our high quality Dragon approved microphones below.


    As low as: $985.00

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