Tips for getting the most out of your Dragon voice recognition software
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Tips for getting the most out of your Dragon voice recognition software

 The average Australian doctor or medical student faces a much higher level of stress than the rest of the population. Of concern, medical professionals under 30 face significantly more stress than others their age, according to a survey by mental health group Beyond Blue. 

Dragon voice recognition software can take the hassle out of the transcription of medical documents and records, freeing up valuable time for medical practitioners and contributing to a low stress environment. Here's how to further benefit from this intuitive technology.

1. Use the right microphone

Selecting the right microphone to complement your Dragon software can further improve its efficiency and even reduce the need to switch between the mic and mouse. A digital noise cancelling microphone such as the Nuance PowerMic III has a number of useful customisable features that help users achieve a higher level of speed, productivity and ease-of-use.

  • Unidirectional microphone with noise cancelling functionality ensures a higher level of accuracy.
  • Ergonomic design making it easy to pick up and use.
  • Programmable buttons to integrate with different data input features to allow a high level of personalisation
  • USB connectivity eliminates the need for sound card-enabled PCs.

2. Making correction makes Dragon software more accurate

Everyone has unique speech patterns and pronunciations. Occasionally Dragon will confuse two similar sounding words, and by amending this transcription, the software becomes more accurate and accustomed to your own voice. The more corrections you make, the more accurate the software becomes, reducing the need for further amendments.

3. Control the editing process verbally

The beauty of Dragon speech recognition software lies not just in it's ability to dictate text effortlessly, but to carry that same sentiment of convenience and flexibility when it comes to making edits and changes within the text. Some of the verbal control edits you can perform within the Dragon software without touching a mouse or keyboard include:

  • Bolding or underlining certain words or phrases.
  • Inserting new paragraphs.
  • Verbally selecting letters or numbers and changing them directly.
  • Verbally deleting words or sets of words (such as 'delete last six words').
  • Using voice control to move the cursor to the beginning or end of a paragraph.

4. Make the most of Voice Recognition's outstanding support

A Dragon Medical package is more than just the software and equipment needed to accurately dictate and transcribe medical documents, it's having the full support of the Voice Recognition too. As part of our ongoing support for medical specialists we offer comprehensive training (on site or remote), backup and support to ensure your practice gets up and running with Dragon software as soon as possible.

The benefits of voice recognition software in your medical practice.

The widespread growth of voice recognition software in the healthcare industry is having a knock-on effect for many businesses and practices. Freeing up time for doctors and specialists, as well as eliminating the need for dedicated transcribers is benefiting doctors, patients and businesses in a number of ways:

  • Increased productivity. With the hours of the day usually reserved for transcribing, practitioners are finding they have more time to get on and do the things that matter, streamlining medical processes and unlocking a higher degree of productivity.
  • Improved doctor-patient relationships. On a similar note, with more time to devote attention to a patient's needs, doctors and specialists can improve the health outcome for many patients.
  • A better working environment. In Becker's Hospital Review, work overload is one of the key challenges for healthcare professionals. To avoid hitting that wall and risk burning out, transcription software can help reduce the stress of being constantly busy and overworked.

To find out more about how your practice can benefit from Dragon software by calling 1300 255 900.

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