Dragon Voice Recognition ending RSI issues for doctors
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Dragon Voice Recognition ending RSI issues for doctors

Medical professionals have many challenges to contend with in their field. Long hours, complex medical cases and occasionally difficult patients are just some of the issues they face. Unfortunately, modern medicine now comes with high administrative workloads too – it is estimated that nearly 50 per cent of doctors' time is spent doing administrative work on a computer or tablet device. Even when with patients in the examination room, doctors still spend over 46 per cent of their time writing, according to the American College of Physicians.

This is a huge commitment to already time-poor professionals, and these repetitive and time-consuming administration tasks make doctors prone to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Luckily, Dragon Medical is a perfect solution. Its innovative speech recognition technology, coupled with advanced and durable microphones and other hardware, makes lengthy written or typed notation a thing of the past, freeing up time for doctors to see more patients and nullifying the risk of painful and sometimes crippling RSI.

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Voice Recognition: No pain, all gain

The 1980s saw RSI cases at their highest point in Australia according to Gabriele Bammer's 1992 study. Since then, cases have remained consistent across a range of employment sectors, including healthcare. Dragon Medical's innovative software is targeted at over 60 specialty and subspecialty medical roles, ensuring complete functionality for all users.

Its cutting edge voice recognition abilities are intuitive to the speech pattern and eccentricities of your voice, meaning dictating and editing are achieved in one seamless, time-effective motion. Now doctors can focus on an efficient and effective solution to their research and writing needs, while negating the worry of potentially permanent RSI.

Better patient relationships

With the threat of RSI negated and the time devoted to notation shortened dramatically, doctors are freed to spend more time engaging with patients and other medical staff, providing a more effective and personable service. If taking verbal notes while in a patient consultation, alterations can be made easily at any time in line with patient input or changes in circumstance, enabling more accurate and time-effective notes.

As computer work becomes more common, medical professionals are increasingly at the risk of RSI. Be it in administrative work, note taking for patient cases or medical research, doctors spend a huge amount of time daily writing, leaving them most susceptible. Dragon Medical's unique software alleviates this burden, freeing doctors from their desks and allowing more patient-facing time, while also saving a trip to the clinic themselves. Please contact the Voice Recognition team today for more information.

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