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Integrate Dragon Medical One into your medical records software such as Genie, Shexie, Medical Director, Best Practice and more. This specially designed cloud dictation is supplied as a complete service to optimise your dictation. Smartphone app included and upgrades are available.

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Integrate Dragon Medical One into your medical records software such as Genie, Shexie, Medical Director, Best Practice and more. This specially designed cloud dictation is supplied as a complete service to optimise your dictation. Smartphone app included and upgrades are available.
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What is Dragon Medical? How does it work?

Dragon Medical is state-of-the-art instantaneous voice-to-text transcription. Harness the power of the cloud and artificial intelligence, to transfer your speech accurately and quickly into your medical records in real-time. Dragon Medical completely replaces a typist or transcription company. This will save you tens of thousands per year and save hours each day. Watch this Video. 

What does Dragon Medical Cost?

It depends on which product you purchase - there is a cloud-based and installed version. The new cloud version - Dragon Medical One - is the most powerful version and the easiest program to use. It is also the most affordable of the two systems.

A complete package for Dragon Medical One costs $1700-$2000 inc gst in the first year, depending on the microphone and training required. Then $125 per month after the first year.

The earlier and older version - Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.2 costs about $3000 for a complete system. This is older technology, so that's why we recommend the new Dragon Medical One cloud system. Cloud is cheaper, more accurate and easier to use.

Does Dragon Medical work in medical records programs?

Visit our Video Demonstration webpage - which includes Genie, Gentu, Best Practice, Shexie and more.

Dragon Medical harnesses special technology allowing it to interface with any Windows program. So, there are no compatibility requirements or integration requirements to make it work with your medical records It doesn't matter whether you are using Genie, Shexie, Zedmed, Medical Director, Best Practice, Gentu or clinic to cloud. Dragon Medical will allow you to dictate into these programs in real-time just by using your voice.

We guarantee that it will work, or we will give your money back. That's our promise.

Does Dragon Medical work on an Apple Mac?
In most instances Dragon Medical can be used from your Apple Mac. See this video demonstration.

Many medical records programs are loaded on a secure remote windows server, which you would normally access using a remote desktop connection from your Mac or Windows computer. Dragon Medical One is installed on the server with your medical records. You simply remote in from your Mac into your medical records (like you normally do) and start dictating using Dragon Medical One - which is also on the server. This works perfectly and covers 99% of all medical practices in Australia. The only scenario we do not support is if you have your medical records hosted on a Mac server. This is uncommon.

What's the difference between the two versions?

Dragon Medical One - the new cloud version - has just been released in Australia. It is cheaper, easier to use, more accurate, faster and stores your voice data in a secure Australian server allowing you to access it from any computer.

Dragon Medical One also uses new machine learning and artificial intelligence to constantly evolve its ability to derive accurate results from your voice. That means accents no longer matter. Dragon Medical One also include a convenient mobile phone application - PowerMic Mobile - which acts as a wireless microphone. After the first year it is a very affordable subscription system and considering the amount of money you will save on a typist or external typing service, it's good value for money.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been around for about five years. It is installed locally on a Windows computer and uses the local resources of the computer to understand your voice. So it does not require an Internet connection. However, you need to install the full program on each computer that you use. And each computer does not share the same vocabulary and voice profile. Meaning you have to train each individual computer. This is annoying and very inconvenient. You also need to buy an expensive microphone. Dragon Medical One solves this problem by using secure cloud resources and storage.

The bottom line is that most doctors are moving to the new cloud system. Noting some doctors who are on older hospital systems will need to continue to use the current Dragon Medical Practice 4.2 system - which we have available.

We guarantee success or your money back.

This technology is so advanced and impressive that we guarantee the performance of the program and your personal satisfaction. If you're not happy with the program within the first 14 days, then we will give you a complete refund. No questions asked. No conditions required.

Our aim is to ensure your success with this new technology, not just to save you money but to free up your valuable time. And as most of our sales come from referrals from existing Doctors we want you raving about how good Dragon Medical One is!

Not only that, once you become a client, you can speak directly to the CEO of Voice Recognition Australia - Russell Bewsell - who has been deploying Dragon NaturallySpeaking for over 20 years.
There is nothing like going directly to the top if you need something done.

We look forward to working with you. Call 1300 255 900 today.

Why choose Voice Recognition Australia?

dragon medical one australia

Voice Recognition Australia is the largest partner of Nuance Communications in the Asia-Pacific.

As a wholly owned Australian company with 21 years’ experience working with Dragon software, you can be assured that any speech recognition system will be professionally installed and maintained by our customer service and technical teams.

Our CEO - Russell Bewsell - has over two decades experience working with Dragon software and Nuance Communications. No other company in Australia can provide these credentials and the security of knowing you're dealing with an Australian company that has a proven track record of delivering voice recognition services.

Our customers include Federal Parliament House, Department of Defence, Australian Tax office, the Federal court, every federal and state health Department and tens of thousands of individual businesses, medical and legal practices.

Please be aware that there are new overseas-based companies in Australia selling Dragon software who are not Australian owned and may not be here in the long-term to support you. This is particularly important as Dragon moves to subscription services.

That's why it's important to deal with the official partner - Voice Recognition Australia

If you have any questions about our company or our services please call us on 1300 255 900 and ask for someone from the management team.

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