The role of voice recognition software in doctor-patient relationships
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The role of voice recognition software in doctor-patient relationships

 It’s well-documented that the doctor-patient relationship is the cornerstone of medical care. From getting to the heart of a diagnosis, to affecting the outcome of healthcare, a good relationship benefits both doctors and their patients.

However, time is an essential component in building a meaningful relationship between two parties, and physicians, GPs and other medical specialists often don’t have as much time as they’d like for this important task.

Voice recognition software has been making waves in the medical industry, introducing efficiencies and freeing up time for medical professionals. Voice to text solutions, such as Dragon dictation software, eliminates the need for time-consuming transcription, allowing doctors to focus more of their valuable time building on patient relationships.

Patients and physicians: It’s all about relationship building

There’s nothing new about the importance of a doctor-patient relationship. As far back as 1999, a study in the Journal of Integrated Medicine demonstrated the role satisfaction plays in determining a patient’s decision to seek medical care and whether or not they’ll stay with a particular practice.

On the other end of the spectrum, a 2014 study published in PLoS One found that the patient-clinician relationship has a small, but important role in affecting the outcome of healthcare.

Throughout all stages of the healthcare lifecycle, a good doctor-patient relationship underpins the effectiveness of healthcare. Freeing up a practitioner’s time to build on maintaining good relationship, rather than spending it on administrative tasks, is key.

Introducing efficiencies can improve doctor-patient relationships

Dragon voice recognition software from Voice Recognition generates accurate text much faster than doctors or other medical specialists can type. Up to 80 per cent of the time spent typing medical records or patient notes can be saved, eliminating the need for transcription services. Doctors can gather as much in-depth information they need to provide an accurate diagnosis, without sacrificing the time needed to do so.

With over 60 specialists and subspecialists accounted for, Dragon Medical is the best speech recognition software for healthcare professionals. To find out more about how Dragon can help you spend less time updating medical records and more time meeting the needs of patients.

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