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The Key Benefits of Dragon Legal

Dragon Naturally Speaking has recently introduced a new product specifically for legal professionals dubbed “Dragon Legal.”  Dragon Legal 15 includes features that fit perfectly in a legal environment. This version is tailored to the needs and requirements that legal professionals must have in order to reduce their transcribing times. Some of these key benefits and features include:

Automatic Transcription

Automatically transcribe audio without any user interaction. In fact, any transcribing is automatically done and sent to a proofreader for accuracy. The original audio is also attached which enables the proofreader to correct any mistakes made when transcribing. When a word is transcribed incorrectly, the software will learn to use the correct word in its place.

Custom Commands

This version allows users to easily create custom commands for routine tasks. This saves users a lot of time and is now exportable with Dragon Legal 12. This means that any future upgrades will not affect the already made, time-saving commands.

Enterprise Deployment

Easily setup voice profiles and custom word lists that are shared among an office’s network. This allows terminology to easily be deployed and shared among all users.

Fast and Accurate

Creating court documents, briefs or even emails can be done three times faster by using this software. The recognition errors have been reduced by 15% which ensures up to 99% accuracy on all transcriptions.

Legal Terminology

Over 30,000 legal terms are incorporated into the software. If a term is not supported, word lists can easily be imported into the program. Once imported, the lists can be shared among the enterprise.

Reduce Transcription Costs

The cost of transcribing is drastically reduced when using this speech recognition software. The high accuracy rate and original audio file attachment greatly reduces the amount of time needed for proofreading. This allows secretaries to use their time for more important tasks.


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