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Speech Recognition Software – Enhancing Office Productivity

If your company is like most, you need your employees to be as productive as possible. This is one of the reasons more firms are electing to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software from Nuance. Here are some interesting statistics that make purchasing speech recognition software attractive such as:

Average typing speed – while most professional typists average between 50 and 80 words a minute, those who are forced to “hunt and peck” type less than 40 words per minute

Average talking speed – on average, a person speaks at about 150 words per minute. Even when compared to the best typist, at 80 words a minute, this can mean nearly twice the number of words per minute being produced

It’s not all about the numbers.

Unfortunately, while most people can speak at about 150 words per minute, simply buying Dragon Dictate will not immediately solve all of your productivity issues. As with any type of software, there is a learning curve that everyone must deal with. However, we can help minimise that learning curve by training your employees to get the best out of the software, thereby increasing their productivity.

How Voice Recognition Australia can help

By training your employees and managers to use all of the features contained in Dragon, we can help them be more productive. Unfortunately, those people who do not undergo some training tend to overlook some important features, which can hinder their productivity. We work with your team members to ensure they understand how to use all of the features that are available in Dragon.

Whether you are a legal firm, medical firm or a company who simply has a large pool of typists, we can help train your employees on how to use the version of Dragon that is right for you. We can help integrate voice recorders into your IT system and make sure that you are getting the most out of your software resulting in even greater productivity for your team members. Call Voice Recognition Australia today and let us work with you to develop a customised training program for your company. We’ll help you make the most of Dragon Naturally Speaking and help your organisation to become much more more productive.

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