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Is Dragon better than Android voice recognition or Siri on the Iphone?

Today’s questions is one we hear frequently.sir android voice recognition


Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC much more powerful than the built-in voice recognition software in android or within the iPhone (Siri).

Dragon NaturallySpeaking on the PC has regional accent modelling. For example in Australia, I can select the Australian accent model to suit the way I speak. This makes the program far more accurate than basic mobile device speech recognition which uses a generic accent model.

Secondly, Dragon NaturallySpeaking actually improves through use. It learns about how you speak, how you sound, what word you use and it creates a database called a voice profile. This voice profile matures over time and allows Dragon NaturallySpeaking to become very accurate with regular use.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking adapts to your specific vocabulary. Siri or the Google android speech recognition application do not do this, they run off a generic limited vocabulary.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking for PC is far more powerful and accurate than speech recognition supplied on a mobile device. Mobile device voice recognition is useful for simple inquiries such as texting and basic web searches.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is professional grade speech recognition designed to virtually eliminate your use the keyboard in most Windows applications. It can dramatically cut down the time it takes to create email, word documents and other correspondence on your PC. 

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Derek from Nuance has kindly added a new reason. The free speech software on your phone can only process 30 second chunks of speech. Dragon speech recognition on the PC is continuous for a long as you can talk and doesn’t need a continuous internet connection!

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