Can I Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Blog within WordPress?
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Can I Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to Blog within WordPress?

Yes you can.

You can dictate directly into WordPress using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Despite the fact that I’m using chrome, which isn’t actually compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’m still able to dictate directly into the blogging software interface within Chrome. Dragon has a sophisticated interface that allows it to work with most applications or websites that have a simple text editor. Dragon works best with IE or Firefox

Of course when using Microsoft Word, you have complete command control by voice and access to  hundreds of commands to enable you to efficiently dictate lengthy documents. So in many ways, it would be easier to dictate into Microsoft Word, and then paste the contents into WordPress. But I’m demonstrating the fact that you don’t need to.

I’m actually dictating this blog entry using Dragon Medical. Dragon Medical Practice edition has a much more advanced vocabulary because it contains 90 specialist medical vocabularies which any doctor can choose from –  depending on their specialty.

Dragon makes it really easy to get your words down quickly and efficiently when blogging. You’re not likely to use a very advanced vocabulary when blogging – not the Dragon can’t handle that- of course it can.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to efficiently blog within WordPress, drop a comment and I’ll be sure answer any questions I can.

I will do some more demonstrations of Dragon NaturallySpeaking within WordPress and even post up a video on YouTube showing you how it works in real time.  Just give me a few weeks! Voice Perfect.

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