The freedom Voice Recognition gives you in business situations
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The freedom Voice Recognition gives you in business situations


In the world of business, the difference between success and failure is often small. Whether this is in relation to a missed deadline, budget blowouts or missed details, enterprise leaders must always be looking for innovative and productive solutions to regular functions.

According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 business owners from MYOB Australia, technology is playing a more dominant role in the workplace. Based on the statistics, 31 per cent of respondents had invested in either computer hardware or software, while 26 per cent injected revenue into machinery and equipment.

MYOB Chief Technology Officer Simon Raik-Allen explained that technology adoption is a sure sign that businesses want to improve their internal and external processes moving forward.

"SMEs see that technology can help them do business more efficiently and service their customers better," he said.

Voice Recognition software?

The term 'technology' is of course very broad which means it is up to individual businesses to determine the type of innovation that will work best.

However, one piece of technology that can provide advantages across industry is Voice Recognition software. As the most accurate speech recognition program globally, adopting this approach is a significant step towards higher productivity and better efficiency. Here are two business situations where Voice Recognition can make a real difference.

1) Quality document requirements

When developing contracts, reports and presentations, it can take a significant amount of time to type the entire piece out. As such, it makes sense to use Dragon Voice Recognition Software to dictate your voice straight into the document.

Using an Australian dictionary, the dragon software can't make spelling errors and if it does get the word wrong, there are many different options to select from. Additionally, the more documents that you create, the wider and more accurate the dictionary gets.

2) Last minute business meeting

When up against the clock, it might not always be possible to get all thoughts down on paper before the event starts. This could be a problem with Robert Half reporting that one of the most common mistakes for meeting leaders was not having a clear purpose or agenda.

Thankfully, with the help of Dragon Voice Recognition Software, the technology can generate text up 80 per cent faster than typing. As such, business leaders can organise, plan and run last minute meetings more efficiently and productively.

For more information about this offering, feel free to get in touch with the team at Voice Recognition today.

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