Why Voice Recognition software should be on your back to school list
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Why Voice Recognition software should be on your back to school list


The Australian university system is well-respected in the education industry with students and educators coming from around the globe. This is certainly not new with participation rates increasing in every state and territory.

According to Australian Universities, there were more than 1.3 million students learning at higher educational facilities during the 2014 calendar year. Of this, 25 per cent were international students – contributing to the fantastic diversity of the country.

This cycle is about to restart again with most universities beginning autumn sessions between February 22 and March 7. As we speak, students will be finalising timetables, purchasing textbooks and planning transport journeys. However, there should there be an extra item on your back to school list this semester – Voice Recognition software.

Our unique Dragon Professional 14 – Academic Educational Student product is designed for students and educators and can revolutionise the way that you conduct assignments and manage your time. Furthermore, here are three benefits of this smart technology.

1) Dictating academic work

Regardless of the level of university study, lengthy academic essays and academic writing are a major part of assessment. For students, these aspects are extremely time-consuming depends on their writing technique and can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

In fact, based on the thoughts of charity RSI Action, this is a common injury for university students.

To avoid this and typing every single word of a 50,000 word piece, it is recommended to use speech recognition software. Our leading Dragon academic product is three times faster than typing and will change your study experience for the better.

2) Supporting learning difficulties

It is important to note that the national university system supports students across the spectrum. Whether they are fully-abled or have a disability, there is technology that can help you be the best you can.

Again, this is where Dragon Professional 14 comes in handy. With the latest speech recognition software, disabled students can keep up with their peers. Every university features a disability unit designed to enable students to produce work of the highest standard without the need to type.

3) Special discounts

According to Go Study, the average Australia student needs around $1,500 per month for rent, food and other expenses. With this in mind, we at Voice Recognition offer Dragon Professional 14 at a discounted price for academics, students and university institutions.

Academic work and study is a vital part of the Australian economy moving forward. As such, give yourself the best chance of success with the help of Dragon Professional 14.

For more information, contact our expert team today.

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