New Year's resolutions for business efficiency
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New Year's resolutions for business efficiency


Now that the summer holidays are over, business leaders should be returning to work with renewed energy and passion. As such, now is a prime opportunity to take a different direction and amend any redundant processes.

In the same way that you promise yourself to start eating healthy or join a gym, New Year's resolutions can also apply to businesses. According to a Merchant Cash survey of close to 5,000 enterprise leaders, many have set goals and targets for 2016 relating to everything from improving social media and increasing sales to reducing overheads.

Of course, enhancing business efficiency was also a top objective. With this in mind, here are three ways to boost productivity this year.

1) Analyse meeting requirements

For all the benefits of discussing important topics and project details with your team in a meeting, it is fair to say that many businesses simply hold these events for the sake of it.

According to a 2014 Robert Half Research survey, 25 per cent of meeting time is unproductive – blamed on no clear agenda, not sticking to topics, not ending on time and not starting on time. As such, time spent preparing for and attending meetings could be better spent elsewhere, as Robert Half senior executive director Paul McDonald explained.

"An unnecessary or poorly conducted meeting can bring everyone down because attendees feel like their time is not valued," he noted.

For 2016, business leaders can analyse each meeting in their calendar and honestly evaluate whether it's actually necessary. Perhaps the meeting can be shortened or reduced to an email chain. This allows all parties more time to concentrate on their individual tasks and ensure less time is wasted.

2) Adopt a BYOD policy

Businesses now operate in a world where smartphones, laptops and tablets are more common than standalone desktop monitors. This represents a significant change over recent years and is another area where business leaders can take advantage off to boost productivity.

Based on a December 2015 Tech Pro Research survey, cited in a ZDNet article, close to three-quarters (74 per cent) of organisations have already established a BYOD policy or plan to moving forward.

Apart from the obvious overhead cost reductions in terms of equipment purchases and power, there is also the opportunity for employees to collaborate more freely with other professionals – either within the organisation or externally.

Additionally, employees can create business projects such as reports, presentations and documents on the go, eliminating the burden of a desktop computer.

Many professionals already bring smartphones and tablets into the workplace which means the logical next step is to formalise this through a BYOD policy. Once this is established, a business should be able to operate more productively and efficiently moving forward.

3) Voice Recognition software solutions

However, if your enterprise is ready for next-level efficiency, there is no looking past Dragon Voice Recognition Software. As one of the most powerful, accurate and sophisticated speech recognition programs across the globe, this solution can generate text faster than the quickest typists – completing documents in record time.

The software can be used or any business functions. Whether dictating a contract or drafting a corporate policy, the process is made quick and easy. It is also important to note that the software uses an Australian dictionary – perfect for picking up our nuances and verbal preferences.

If adopting new technology isn't generally your approach, this is where Voice Recognition Australia can be of assistance. As well as providing information on every product, we can help train you to use the software and ensure you are taking full advantage.

For more information on how to improve your efficiency through Dragon Voice Recognition Software, contact our team today

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