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Dragon Legal - Changing the way lawyers do business in Sydney

Dragon 15 Legal is the latest voice recognition software specifically designed for people working in the legal profession. 

The latest version of the popular dictation software comes already programmed with the ability to recognize and record the complex and specialized legal terms lawyers require in their day-to-day jobs.

This updated software will allow people working in the legal profession to dictate naturally to create briefs, contracts, court documents and emails to clients and colleagues three times faster than they would typing.

How does it work?

Voice recognition technology has come a long way from when it would seem like simply a gimmick. Now, the software is sophisticated, and changing the way people do business.

Many smart phones come already equipped with some form of voice recognition, but it is often simplistic and not well suited for understanding professional words or phrase. That is why if you are looking for dictation software which can handle the Australian legal vocabulary, seeking out software designed with that feature in mind is essential.

Dragon 13 Legal is able to listen to your voice, and transcribe it to text. It is also able to understand commands, such as who to send an email to or what folder/program to open. You are able to create documents, reports, spreadsheets, or messages just by speaking into a microphone.

With this technology, you can dictate all manner of legal documents, schedule appointments and search your desktop all without lifting a finger.

The more you use voice recognition software, the better it is able to understand what you are saying. As the speech recognition software becomes more familiar with your voice, it will become increasingly accurate.

It means you have to ability to get more tasks done in what it time intensive work. Missing a deadline will become a thing of the past when you can use your voice – not just to argue cases in court – but to organise your day and write almost any type of text you can think of.

Specialised for the Australian legal profession 

What makes Dragon Legal the ideal voice recognition software for lawyers is its special language model built into the software. It is able to accurately understand and transcribe legal terms and phrases from day one, which means you can start using it to dictate documents right away.

This version of the Dragon Legal series has been developed with the Australian legal profession in mind, both by being able to understand the common terms and phrases lawyers in Australian use, as well as the accent and vocabulary of the user.

This software is able to support any microphone that a lawyer might be using at ay given moment. You are able to dictate sitting at your desk with a headset or standing in your office on a laptop, using the built in microphone.

If you just remembered you need to send an email to a client when you’re out of the office; it’s no problem. Dragon 13 Legal has a cloud word processor and spreadsheet functionality as well as an iOS scanning app allowing you to do work on your smart phone.

Being able to increase document turnaround means you can free up support staff for higher-value tasks. Dragon’s Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent can manage a variety of transcribed texts in different formats and digital audio recordings. It can even notify users when their transcription is complete and send it for proof-reading.

Through the use of cloud computing, the roaming function allows users on different networks – and in different locations – to access their user profile almost anywhere at any time.

Other features

Other major features of Dragon 13 Legal include an interactive tutorial that helps users learn and practice good dictation, correction and editing habits through different simulations. A Tip of the Day window also assists you in learning more about the software through the Dragon Help system.

Dragon 13 Legal also has a Macro Recorder feature which lets you record your mouse-clicks and keystrokes and then saves the series of actions under a single voice command as a voice shortcut for you to use later.

Doing something which took multiple actions on your computer can now be done with a simple voice command. This macro can then be shared with anyone in your practice to create a fully integrated and efficient workplace.

You can easily create or import these voice commands to fill out forms, insert frequently used text and fully automate your legal business processes.

Another automation feature enables you to proofread your documents by listening to them. You can play your original dictation or the text-to-speech recording to make sure everything is correct.

It is also possible to receive remote or in person training for Dragon legal by a voice recognition professional. Consultants with this expertise can get you up to speed with speech recognition technology so you can get started using the product and improving the way you work.

Dragon Legal 15 will change the way law firms in Australia manage workloads and tasks so they can provide a better service to their clients and run a more efficient business in the process.

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