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What’s new in Dragon Professional Individual 15?

 As anyone who uses the service will know, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an incredible product for increasing productivity and reducing the time spent pouring over documents. Each new release of Dragon voice recognition software brings with it additional features of value, offering greater accuracy and ease-of-use to the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on the software every day.

Recently, Nuance announced the release of Dragon Professional 15 across a number of areas, all of which are about to take advantage of the innovative new features.

Adaptability gets a lot deeper

Deep Learning technology will be incorporated into the new Dragon release, providing exceptional accuracy, speech and personalisation for users.

After all, everyone is unique in the way they speak, the words they use and what industry they work in. This level of insight from Dragon software makes the product more viable then ever for use in the legal and government fields, as the Deep Learning core of Dragon will adapt intuitively to the user.

Vlad Sejnoha, CTO for Nuance Communications, spoke of the inclusion as the next step for speech recognition.

“Deep Learning is a powerful pattern recognition technique inspired by the way the human brain learns and interprets sensory input, which Nuance has leveraged to advance accuracy across our speech recognition technologies, including Dragon,” he said.

More exciting features of Dragon Professional Individual 15

The inclusion of Deep Learning into Dragon software is a remarkable step forward – Nuance estimates document creation with accuracy improvements of nearly 25 per cent. Already a powerfully accurate piece of dictation software, Dragon 15 further cements its place as the leader in voice recognition with a number of other features:

  • Touchscreen PC optimisation – as your business and the technology it uses evolve, so does Dragon to meet your needs.
  • A further simplified set up process and a more approachable user interface.
  • Profile management that promotes support for recorded audio transcription.
  • Voice-driven editing, formatting and commands.
  • Deep Learning technology fine-tunes the contextualised nature of Dragon. This provides greater accuracy for existing users and approach-ability for anyone new to the software.

In fact, according to Sejnoha, Dragon 15 is the most comprehensive and in-depth version of voice recognition yet.

“Our new Dragon portfolio includes our latest breakthrough that allows Dragon’s Deep Neural Nets to continuously learn from the user’s speech during use on a standard personal computer, and drive accuracy rates in some instances up to 24 percent higher,” he said.



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