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Which Voice Recognition system is best for innovative law firms?

It's an exciting time to be involved in the legal sector, and speech recognition could help harness innovative solutions for increased productivity.

As stated in an Urbis report for The Law Society of New South Wales, there was a 12 per cent increase in the number of practising solicitors from 2011 to 2014. The mean age of this profession remained largely unchanged at 41.9 years old.  There has also been growth in the corporate sector, which now boasts 22 per cent more solicitors, and the government sector, with a 19 per cent increase. On top of this, there has been a 9 per cent increase in the number of legal firms.

With more legal practices and solicitors in Australia, the question of how to get ahead in a more competitive environment becomes key. 

In an April article for the Australian Law Management Journal, Nick Humphrey outlined the important part innovation will play in the future of the practice of law. He stated that innovative solutions were an important factor needed to evolve and adapt to a fast-paced environment; however, he found many people in the profession were set in their ways and highly adverse to risk, which promoted a sense of caution.  

Despite this, there is an increasing need for solicitors to be more productive during the day. According to Humphrey, many firms in the United States expect their employees to clock in over six hours of billable time per day, in six-minute increments, and these demands may become commonplace in Australia.

To make efficiency easier to attain, we have a range of voice recognition hardware that can turn your thoughts to usable text in no time. Paired with Dragon Legal software, any of these options can be the innovate solution needed for a more productive day.  

Options for your workplace

If you have a quiet space to work by yourself, the Acoustic Magic VoiceTracker I offers you a hands-free option that will pick up on your voice and others in a 30 feet, 180 degree radius. This gives you the flexibility to record meetings and get up from your desk while still clearly recording speech.

For larger meetings, the PHILIPS DPM8900 Conference / Meeting Recording Kit can record multiple voices around the table in excellent audio output. With a 360 degree pick-up radius and ease of use, everyone participating in your meetings will have their thoughts and opinions recorded. 

Options for on the go

If a brilliant idea comes to you while you are out-of-office, the Philips Speechlive system is the best system available.

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