The importance of recognising Australia’s medical excellence
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The importance of recognising Australia’s medical excellence

Northern Territory (NT) medical professionals are finally set to be formally recognised for their hard work, with the state government introducing the NT Health Excellence Awards. This long-awaited move brings the state in line with other medical awards programmes nationwide. Nominations are open to professionals from a range of disciplines, with categories for everyone in healthcare, from veterans to trainees, and individual efforts to team successes.

The importance of recognising Australia's medical excellence shouldn't be undervalued, with doctors and other healthcare professionals nationwide working every day to improve the wellness of Australia's most vulnerable. However, these professionals are often hamstrung in their work by time consuming note-taking and administration. Voice Recognition are addressing this problem with Dragon Medical dictation and transcription software, a platform designed to speed up administrative tasks and free doctors to get back to excelling in medicine.

Australian medical industry excellence

There are already numerous state and national awards to celebrate the successes of Australian medical professionals. However, their success comes hamstrung by the weight of medical need outstripping the number of doctors and the time they have. The Australian Bureau of Statistics indicated that nearly one in five people who visited a GP in 2015 felt they waited longer than they should have for an appointment, while 24 per cent felt that they didn't have enough consultation time. Time-poor doctors and other medical professionals are forced to spend too much time in copious note-taking by hand.

The capabilities of Voice Recognition's Dragon Medical

Dragon Medical represents the answer to the costly time spent in administrative and research note-taking. The software's voice recognition abilities are intuitive to the speech pattern of your own voice, making dictating and editing your notes seamless.

Dragon Medical is customisable to a variety of requirements, blocking background noise and other voices while also easily discerning slurred or stuttered words. This individualised software is equipped with a private and living work bank, which updates regularly based on word use, providing a seamless predictive text function that can save you hours in note-taking.

Freeing doctors and other medical professionals from time-consuming research and administration gets them back out into their consultation rooms, speaking with patients and providing excellent medical service. Dragon Medical is configured with security protocols to ensure your linguistic settings and private notes cannot be accessed.

Using Voice Recognition to strive for excellence

Celebrating the achievements of medical professionals is important, and deserves the funding it needs. Voice Recognition's medical software is the tool medical professionals need to continue excelling and reach state-recognised heights. For more information on how the product can drive your practice to excellence, contact our customer service team.

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