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How to eliminate "Period" as punctuation in Dragon Medical.

Despite the fact that we use a UK base vocabulary model for the Australian version of Dragon Medical 4, the command "Period" will generate a  "Full-stop" in certain circumstances within a sentence.
It really depends on the context of the sentence.

One of our clients (who is a Doctor using the Dragon Medical 4.1) asked how to eliminate this "." appearing every time he said "Period."

He has no need for that as punctuation and it is frustrating for the "." to appear when he wants the actual word "period" to appear.

So I put together this video below for him and sent it via YouTube. But I thought there's a lot of Dragon Medical clients out there (and regular Dragon Professional Individual) users who would like to know how to completely eliminate this behavior when using UK English.

Pro Tip: This actually works with any word where you want to change how it appears when it is spoken. So if you have a persistent word that keeps appearing and you don't it want to, you can simply change the word that is presented! This is a very effective workaround for problem words.

How to get rid of the dreaded "Period" as a "." 

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