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Dictate directly into Shexie with Dragon Medical One

Dragon Medical One voice recognition software can now be used directly with Shexie. This advanced capability will substantially improve the overall efficiency of your dictation, save you time and improve the quality of your medical records.

Watch this short video and discover the benefits of voice recognition in Shexie (use full screen view)

Dragon Medical One will replace your existing dictation system. You may be dictating into a voice recorder and handing the recordings to staff for typing. Perhaps you are directly typing into Shexie. Alternatively, you may be using transcription service - which is usually very expensive.

Dragon Medical One will eliminate these manual typing processes in Shexie.

A new video has just being posted which demonstrates this direct voice dictation capability in Shexie. Shexie is hosted on a remote server and Dragoncan be installed on the server or local machine.

Voice Recognition Australia will integrate Dragon medical into your Shexie as part of the deployment and integration service that comes with Dragon Medical.

A Dragon Medical One system includes:

  • Dragon Medical One Software license (one per Doctor)
  • Microphone app
  • 12 months help/desk technical support
  • Remote training (depending on your location)
  • Integration with Shexie

Spend less time updating your medical records and eliminate expensive typing services today.

Call Voice Recognition Australia today on 1300 255 900 or fill out our enquiry form above.

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