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Paediatricians are embracing Dragon Medical Voice-to-Text

Doctors practising paediatric medicine often deal with a range of extreme behaviours in the examination room. Children can be hyperactive, cry, or throw a tantrum. Paediatricians and parents sometimes struggle to control them long enough for a thorough examination, let alone get them to sit patiently while lengthy medical notes are taken.

Children and parents shouldn't spend ages in consultation, and doctors should be meeting as many patients as they can. Neither of those scenarios allow for the ineffectual time doctors spend making notes. Trainee paediatricians spend only 12 per cent of their time talking to children and their families, and nearly double that spent on note taking, according to Medscape.

Voice Recognition's innovative speech-to-text software changes all that, with paediatricians now able to use customisable dictation to eliminate the need for lengthy typed or written notes, freeing themselves to spend more time making sick children better.

Doing what they love

Paediatrics work often means conversing and playing with children to build trust, and requires thorough consultation with parents or caregivers. Time spent actually discussing medical issues during consultation becomes shorter, making efficient use of paediatricians' medical time even more valuable.

Dragon Medical's voice recognition abilities are intuitive to the speech pattern of your voice, making dictating and editing your notes seamless. The software is also customisable to a variety of conditions, meaning your dictated notes won't be confused with background noises. Now you can spend more time with patients, and you can be sure they will appreciate the extra attention!

Research time

Medical work is more than just consultation with patients – often hours of hard research is devoted to investigating the cause of an illness or potential methods of treatment. Often this medical research eats into doctor's lunch hours or even after work hours, impacting on time spent with their own children.

Dragon Medical's software, coupled with our range of microphones, headsets and other advanced hardware, makes notation natural. Now, you can do more research in less time, and it saves you money on transcription services. It also means you can keep your personal time to yourself. 

Paediatricians chose this medical field for their love of working with children. But the time they spend on lengthy note taking is detracting from this. With Dragon Medical, doctors are free to spend more time with patients, assured that their notes have been compiled and collated in one of the most advanced voice recognition software available. We also offer thorough equipment training and off-site service and support. 

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