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Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit: An Ultimate addition to your Professional Dictation System!

The latest robust and powerful Olympus AS-9000 transcription kit is perfect for transcribing voice files generated by a digital voice recorder to text format in a more effective way. Encompassed with the latest Olympus Dictation Management System Software Module along with the floor pedal foot switch and enhanced stereo headset, you can now easily organize dictations by using in and out trays. In addition, it can also automate working processes like sending receiving and re-directing emails via POP3, FTP, MAPI or SMTP and effectively improve workflow for various professionals such as doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. 

Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit: Product Features

Four Button Foot Switch: With this redesigned four pedal foot lock/release switch option you can now have a hands-free control of the playback process. It also has a back step or repeat function for easier control.

Upgraded Olympus Dictation Management System Software: This next generation software compatible with Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Naturally Speaking permits real time and background speech recognition (upgrade to Dragon 12 now available in Australia).

Typist Alert: This transition kit can automatically depict dictation from any e-mail source such as POP email account like AOL or free Gmail account and impeccably present it in a spreadsheet. In order to complete this task you don’t have to keep your e-mail open, the process automatically ensues in the background.

Secure and Automatic Dictation: Dictations can be established involuntarily in the AS-7000 with the help of FTP functions or special e-mail and can be easily directed to any shared folder in the network or in the local drive. Here, the dictators can also view the typewritten version of the spoken dictation and all the document files automatically enters into the workflow.

Multiple Format Playback: The kit enables you to run audio formats like MP3, DSS, DSS Pro, WAV/AIFF or WMA in the background even when other applications like word processing software is running.

Advantages of AS-9000 Transcription Kit

The device has the capability of giving a detailed information of the document. For instance, it displays the type of dictation, the length of the data as well as the name of the author. Next, it makes the workflow very simple and effective since it comes with a proper file and document management. With the help of AS-7000 one can easily archive all the written dictations. Further, the encryption and decryption feature makes the entire workflow secure. Lastly, it reduces the transcription time by 60 to 70% and simplifies all the transcription needs effortlessly.

Fully packed with the latest and most updated features, the AS-9000 dictation kit in conjunction with the DS-9000 dictation system or any other Olympus professional digital voice recorders is ought to endow with an absolute end to end business solutions. With all the automated working system, the Olympus AS-9000 is indeed an eventual addition to your professional notation structure.

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