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Olympus DS-7000 – Voice Recorder Review

Olympus DS-7000 Review:

Olympus DS-7000 is a newly launched product that is designed to offer professionals a quality and secure digital recorder. Its large color LCD screen and compact metal-bodied design make it a perfect choice for major tasking careers such as lawyers and doctors. The DS-7000 is designed to offer maximum recording quality and ease of use. Its intuitive design adds a clear and simple operation concept that integrates easily with other digital technologies within the company. This ensures maximum productivity and efficiency in my career efforts. The equipment further helps in optimizing my work productivity. This is because it works with different author IDs while offering transfer flexibility.

It is easy to transfer dictation from the Olympus DS-7000 using SD Card manually or via LAN /WAN automatically. Furthermore, the equipment features a powerful, easy-to-use Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) R6 Dictation Module, which acts as the control panel allowing easy management of your digital files. The ODMS is compatible with a wide range of platforms, which offers a lot of flexibility. The Olympus DS7000  is also easy to manage and install. You can automatically download files based on the pre-set rules and send them easily via LAN, ftp and email. The DS-7000 is secure, highly reliable and versatile.

The Features of Olympus DS-7000

The DS-7000  has an LED backlight 2″ TFT display screen that supports 65,000 colors, which makes it convenient to use under different lighting conditions. It is also designed with a tough metal body and a precise slide switch, which offers the flexibility and  easy of use. The Olympus DS-7000 supports a 256-Bit real time encryption and a 4-digit PIN device lock, which ensures safety and security of files. It also supports definable 200 dictation tags, internal MicroSD Card Card slot and external SD Card slot. Furthermore, the Olympus DS-7000  offers high speech recognition integration with Dragon Naturally Speaking.


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