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Medical Director and Dragon Medical Practice Edition

We are always fielding questions from clients about how compatible Dragon Medical Practice Edition is with the very popular Australian program Medical Director. So I thought it would be best to simply post a detailed video demonstrating Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 dictating directly into Medical Director. That way potential clients can actually see how it works in real-time. In this video, you can see how effective voice recognition is compared to manual typing:-



Dragon Medical is very effective at working within Medical Director. Dragon is more than capable of creating sophisticated macros that shortcut complex tasks within Medical Director. For example, you could create a simple voice command that automatically launches the referral template. Anything that requires a lot of clicking and button pressing can be automated with a voice macro. Dragon Medical  is also very good at putting down a volume of repetitive text and assigning that to a voice command within Medic Director.

I’d like to thank the people from Medical Director who were very kind in allowing me to use their software for testing with Dragon. This was a very successful test, so rest assured that if you purchase Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, it will work very well with Medical Director. Likewise, if you already have Medical Director you can purchase Dragon Medical with the confidence that it will work directly with the program. This will give you the most efficient input method, save you a lot of time and will  greatly reduce or even eliminate your transcription bill.
You can call Medical Director on 1800 622 678 in Australia.

We can show you how to get the best out of Medical Director during our Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 training program. This is included as part of a complete service by Voice Recognition Australia.

The fact that we have taken the time to create this demonstration video, shows you have dedicated we are to ensuring your success with Dragon Medical speech recognition in your medical practice.
We take the time to learn how to use different and health record management programs and how to optimise Dragon with them.

When we deliver a Dragon training program, we know exactly what we are talking about – because we use the software you use.

Does any other company claiming to be Dragon experts do that? Ask them…

If you have any questions about Dragon Medical and Medical Director then call us on 1300 255 900, use our chat below or fill out our contact form.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Russell Bewsell


Voice Recognition Australia

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