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Cardiology and Dragon Medical in Genie solutions.

Cardiac surgery represents some of the most difficult medical procedures that Australia's healthcare system offers. Those who specialise in cardiology require dedicated support in order to keep performing at their peak. This is where Dragon Medical can help cardiologists to make the most of their precious time.

Underscoring this is the increasing demand for heart specialists that is currently affecting Australia, demand that is only likely to keep growing in the future.

The future of heart health in Australia

Among the core reasons for cardiac surgeons to be in such high demand is the issue of heart disease across Australia. According to the Heart Foundation, cardiovascular disease affects one in six Australians, with one dying every 12 minutes.

It isn't just the sheer volume of individuals suffering from heart disease that is putting pressure on cardiac surgeons either, it's also the complexity that these cases present. According to the same research, cardiovascular disease was the leading cause behind over 500,000 hospital admissions in 2012/13, while indirectly contributing to a further 680,000 admissions.

Beyond the demand for this care, the treatment of cardiovascular conditions is evolving, in particular with the development of advanced cardiac care that stops short of surgery. Initiatives like catheter-based procedures for revascularisation are being increasingly utilised alongside surgery to improve patient outcomes, for example.

These twin problems of high volumes of admissions and the complex nature of heart care places unique pressures on cardiac surgeons. This level of complexity calls for dedicated support from technology that is designed specifically for their needs.

Overcoming complexity with Dragon Medical 4.1

As cardiac surgery becomes just one aspect of an increasingly diverse selection of possible care options, the need for accurate, detailed patient notes is only going to increase. Coupled with the increased range of heart illnesses, cardiac surgeons will need to consider possible tools that can help them save time while improving patient care.

Dragon Medical 4 offers the ideal solution to this issue. By utilising voice recognition software and combining it with a dedicated vocabulary that is designed for medical practitioners, this software provides a number of benefits. 

As well as assisting with complex patient care through careful note taking, Dragon Medical 4 can also help with handling the growth in heart conditions that Australia is currently experiencing. With heart conditions likely to remain near the top of public health concerns in the country, being able to reduce the time spent dictating patient notes will make a considerable difference to a surgeon's productivity.

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