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Product Highlights

  • Active noise reduction technology (ANR) eliminates unwanted noise, creating a peaceful listening environment
  • Includes an auxiliary 3.5mm cable for use with any non-Bluetooth® device and a USB charging cable
  • Extra-soft, padded headband delivers lightweight comfort for extended listening sessions
  • Built-in mic is for mobile calls/Zoom/Teams - not designed for Dragon

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The Andrea ANR-950 Bluetooth® wireless headphone with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology eliminates unwanted noise, creating a peaceful listening environment. The ANR-950 offers superior noise reduction to simply enjoy the quiet or to listen to high fidelity sound without the distraction of background noise.

The incredible sound with active noise reduction makes the ANR-950 perfect for music listening, to reduce noise in aircraft cabins or for use in other noisy environments. The ANR feature can be used in both Bluetooth® mode and in auxiliary mode as when plugging into an airline seat. Originally developed and approved as a low-cost solution for school testing in the United Kingdom’s DSA market, the ANR-950 is the perfect option for schools that require an affordable ANR headphone solution for students of any age.

ANR-950 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Reduction

  • Soft vinyl closed ear cushions create a tight seal around ears and reduce ambient noise
  • Fully collapsible design makes headphones perfect for travel with included carry case
  • 40mm speakers with 20-20,000 Hz frequency response offer a full range of deep bass and treble clarity for ultimate sound quality
  • Convenient, built-in microphone allows for easy, hands-free call answering and redial