Distance Learning

Whats the best microphone for distance learning?

Speech recognition software is very fussy when it comes to microphone choice as audio quality is paramount for good accuracy. That's why we recommend the NC181USB or NC185 USB microphones. However, for distance learning for educational or conference usage, the requirements are not so high and there are many good options at very affordable prices.

The most popular headset by far is the NC181 (analogue microphone) The NC181 has the same build quality as the NC181USB but does not have the extra cost of the USB digital noise canceling interface. Tens of thousands of the NC181 analogue microphones are in use around the world, especially in schools, university and other distance learning environments. But the NC181 is not your only choice.

For noisy environments we have the active noise canceling ANC-700. We also have the SuperBeam voice array microphone and SG-100 shotgun microphone for those who are unable to wear a headset. These microphones are simply placed in front of the speaker. The SuperBeam and SG-100 work fantastically with VOIP and conference software. I think you will be surprised how much you can improve the distance learning and VOIP experience by using a quality affordable microphone headset from Andrea electronics. It really makes a big difference using a quality unit over generic models and hardly costs any more.

For large schools and organisation who deploy microphones for e-learning and VOIP usage, please contact us for special volume pricing.

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        Product Highlights Active noise reduction technology (ANR) eliminates unwanted noise, creating a peaceful listening environment Includes an auxiliary 3.5mm cable for use with any non-Bluetooth® device and a USB charging cable Extra-soft, padded headband delivers lightweight comfort for extended listening sessions Built-in mic is for mobile calls/Zoom/Teams - not designed...

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        Inspire 16 ADDASOUND Wireless Bluetooth Headset

        Professional Wireless Headset for Office, Work-at-home and UC Users - Superior noise canceling microphone, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and echo cancellation eliminate the background noise. - Neodymium speakers deliver more powerful and richer sound. - Ergonomic design and leatherette ear cushions provide all-day comfort. - Walk your way and free your hand with a...

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        Andrea ANR-1000 Wireless Bluetooth® Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Earphones

        Andrea ANR-1000 Wireless Bluetooth Headset The Andrea Communications ANR-1000 Stereo Headset offers clear, full-bodied sound with wireless Bluetooth® operation. The ANR-1000 offers superior noise reduction to simply enjoy the quiet or to listen to high fidelity sound without the distraction of background noise.  Noise-canceling microphone is perfect for all voice recognition...

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