How much does Dragon Medical One cost per month?

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How much does Dragon Medical One cost per month?

price of dragon medical

Dragon Medical One is a complete system for one year and costs from $1490 AUD inc gstdepending on your training and microphone requirements. There are no additional costs or hidden extras. Click on our Dragon Medical One pricing page to see for yourself.

How much does Dragon Medical One cost per month?

Dragon Medical One is a one-year commitment as a minimum. This works out to be about $124 AUD per month - after the first year. There are some setup costs in the first year which will not be incurred in repeated years. So your initial package may be slightly higher than this depending on the level of service, hardware and training that you require.

How long does it take to recoup the cost of Dragon Medical One ?
Your medical practice will recoup the annual cost of Dragon Medical One system within the first 35-62 days. This ROI is based on a conservative 10 dictations per day! If you dictate more then you save more.

Some doctors are dictating 20-30 letters per day. So they will recoup the annual cost of Dragon Medical One within 10 to 15 days. This  is a good value proposition.
And don't forget, Dragon Medical One is about 12 times less expensive than an external medical transcription service on average.

The savings speak for themselves. The system is easy to use and can be seen in action on our video demo page. Why spend even more money on expensive and slow typing services? You can start with Dragon Medical One today.

Medical transcription services are very expensive and slow  

Myping services are expensive in dollars per minute or per line. You must record your dictation (voice recorders are expensive and can be broken/lost), securely store, and transmit information to a third party within Australian legal requirements. Then you must make sure that the typist transcribed correctly within a reasonable timeframe. Then wait for the transcription company to send it back to the doctor for checking. Support staff can now upload the medical records to Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice, Shexie, Zedmed or any other software. So not only are medical transcription services very expensive, there are a lot of people in the loop and this takes time to manage. Time is money, not to mention the stress when something goes wrong with your transcription service.

Depending on your medical specialty and the number of letters, the average monthly cost for medical typing services ranges from $800-$4000 per month.

Dragon Medical One is 10-15 times less expensive than your medical transcription service.

A typing service is pay per minute: a five minute dictation - approximately 50 lines of dictation or up to 3 pages of dictation - expect to pay $10-14 per letter.

So, if you're sending 10 letters a day - this equals $100-$140 per day or about $2000 per month! That’s about $24 000 per year. The average Dragon Medical One system is $1900 for the first year and $1500 per year after that.

Dragon Medical One offers a massive saving of over $22 000 pa for your average medical practice. 

In-house typists are even more expensive then transcription companies

Tou may have staff who can type your medical dictation.
Ok, but now you must manage expensive voice recorders and transcription software such as the Olympus ODMS dictation system, which needs to be configured regularly by your IT people at significant cost. What happens when your voice recorder breaks down or your transcription software fails? What are the IT support costs of maintaining an in-house transcription system?

Staff management overhead is a headache.
What if your medical typist leaves? How long will it take you to replace the typist? While you're recruiting a new typist, who is going to be doing the typing? What about the cost of advertising for the new typist? Recruitment is a stressful, time-consuming, and expensive exercise. You can avoid all this stress.

In-house typing is even more expensive than medical transcription services
A medical typist is between $65,000 and $90,000 per year depending on location and experience. That’s $5500 - $7500 per month plus superannuation, holidays, payroll tax, management costs and everything else.

Let's say that your in-house typist is only typing for 30% of the time and for the remaining 70% are performing general duties in the medical practice.
In house Typist: 30% x $65 000 between 2000 = $21 666 per year.

In house typing costs $1805 per month.
Dragon Medical is $125 per month.

Your in-house typing costs are 14 X more expensive than Dragon Medical One.
And that's based on a conservative estimate of only 30% of the staff members time typing.
If your in-house medical typist is typing more than 50% of the time then you are going to save more than $30,000 per year.  And that's a conservative estimate. 

Dragon Medical One is instant and costs nothing per word

Once you've invested in medical voice recognition, you can dictate thousands of words per day. There are no additional costs. You will see your dictation appear in real-time in your medical records. Every time you use Dragon Medical One you are saving thousands of dollars per month on expensive typing services or staff salary.

There are no people to manage. The record is created instantly by the doctor in the medical records software. Staff can go back in later to the medical record and make minor adjustments if required.

You are going to dictate the words anyway….Why pay extra?
You are currently recording your dictation, so why not complete the dictation directly in your medical records by voice instantly?

Why not dictate into your medical records and save the hassle and expense of typists?
Why bother dictating into a voice recorder? How secure is that method? What if you lose the recorder? How reliable is your typing company or in-house typist?
How secure is the data when it resides at your typing service? Is the medical transcription company meeting your legal obligations for medical data storage and encryption? 

Dragon Medical One is encrypted, secure and complies with all Australian legal requirements for medical use.
Dragon Medical One is hosted in Australia on secure state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure servers in Sydney. Click here to download the security document outlining Dragon Medical One. 

I'm used to having staff assist me with the dictation. Why should I change?

Apart from the obvious benefit of having $22 000+ in your bank at the end of the year, transcription costs are becoming more and more expensive each year. Up and up.

Dragon Medical One is about half the cost of previous Dragon Medical systems, so is, in fact, reducing in cost each year. And because it has unlimited use, there is no per word cost associated with Dragon Medical One voice recognition.

And while you're relying on those staff members typing you don't have a backup system.
So as soon as somebody leaves or becomes ill, you'll be typing or be scrambling for an expensive short-term typing service. What will that cost you ? Quite a lot.

Even if you have staff who can type, it’s worth investing Dragon Medical as a second dictation system. And more importantly, once you start dictating into your medical records you will see why there is very little point having a typist at all. You be financially better off, and you'll be saving hours per week.

We can prove this to you by running a seven-day trial of Dragon Medical One at no cost.
We will even set it all up and configure it for your medical records for free.
That’s our commitment to making sure that voice recognition suits your workflow and your medical practice.

What is the best type of typing system available for a doctor?
None. If you're paying for typing or typing yourself, you're wasting time and money. Voice recognition dictation is an order of magnitude less expensive than any transcription service and the results are instant. 

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Take charge of your dictation and save thousands with Dragon Medical One

You have the power to drive change. Cloud makes it possible.

It's time to get off the expensive transcription service roundabout and jump onto the latest cloud technology. When you're ready to embrace change and to drop your expensive and slow typing service, we are ready to help.

For 21 years Voice Recognition Australia has helped transition doctors to medical voice recognition systems. As the official partner of Dragon in Asia-Pacific, you can be assured that you are dealing with the absolute experts in cloud-based voice recognition technology.

We will have you up and running within one hour.
It's that easy to transition to this cloud-based voice recognition technology. And medical speech recognition is constantly evolving.

Thousands of doctors in Australia have already transitioned to Dragon Medical in the last few months, since its release. It's time for you to join them.

Fill out our enquiry form today and get started.

Order Dragon Medical One & Save

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