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STEP 1 - Please ensure Dragon Medical One is installed on your Windows PC. Open the DMO app on your computer and selected the PowerMic Mobile microphone as per the below image.

When the PowerMic mobile is selected, the microphone icon on the Dragon bar will be orange in colour (See Below).

Step 2 - Open the camera on your iPhone and scan the QR code below to install the PowerMic Mobile app. 

STEP 2 - Click the link below to download PowerMic Mobile from the Apple Store. 

Apple Store Download

Step 3 - Once the PowerMic Mobile App is installed on your iPhone, scan the QR code below to configure your app for use with Dragon Medical One.

Step 3 - Click the link below to configure the PowerMic app for use with Dragon Medical One.

Configure PowerMic App

Now login using your Dragon Medical One login ID that you have been emailed.

On a few phones, the auto-config in Step 3 does not engage. If this happens please do a manual configuration as per this video tutorial.

Need further assistance?:

Please phone 1300 255 900 (Option 2. Option 1) or email us at

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