dragon medical one vs dragon medical practice edition

A new cloud based speech recognition program called Dragon Medical One has just been launched in Australia and replaces the older Dragon Medical Practice Edition.
Let's compare the two systems so that you can make an informed decision about what best suits your needs.

dragon medical
Dragon Medical One (DMO) 


► The most accurate medical speech recognition program in the world. Surpasses Dragon Medical Practice edition for accuracy and is improving at a rapid rate by harnessing cloud based AI resources. 
Can work with Apple Mac Computers if your medical records are hosted on a windows server.
► Significantly lower entry cost compared to Dragon Medical Practice Edition
► Use your smart-phone as a wireless microphone (no need to buy an extra microphone. Or use your existing PowerMic III.
► Cloud based software – profile stored in a secure Australia server and is always accessible and backed up automatically.
► Fast dictation. The cloud does all the hard work.
► Speech engine is always updated and cutting edge – greater accuracy.
► Super-fast lightweight install
► Automatic cloud addition to your vocabulary ( i.e. new drug names).
► No need for backup of any customised data (such as names, addresses and new Drugs)
► Your trained voice profile follows you wherever you go. Your practice, hospital, home or office. When you log into DMO, your Dragon voice profile is brought with you.
► Can be installed on a remote windows server.
► Complies with Australian privacy and data security requirements and is hosted in Australia.


► Requires constant internet to work (does not use much data)
► No voice recorder support.

If you want the latest state-of-the-art speech recognition and want to keep updated with the latest technology (at the lowest cost) then there really is only one option - Dragon Medical One. Fill out this form for an immediate free download:

dragon medical practice edition versus dragon medical one

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.2
(no longer available as of December 2020)


► No Internet connection required except for initial software registration.
► Advance macro / command capabilities.


► Reached end of development. No longer for sale (effective December 2020)
► Much More expensive than Dragon Medical One.
► Cannot be used with Apple Mac at all.
► Does not benefit from the latest AI based cloud technical revolution.
► Needs a high quality microphone on each computer - which can be expensive.
► Does not have the latest speech engine. Only Cloud has this.
► You have to manually backup your user profile and copy to a new machine (complex and time consuming.)
► You do not use the same voice profile on each computer. You must train every computer you use if you do not manually import/export.
► Does not receive regular updates to medical terminology and drug names.
► You need a decently fast Windows PC. Cannot be installed on a remote server.

Dragon Medical Software

The Dragon Medical Practice Edition and the Dragon Medical One are both speech to text software for medical dictation. This speech-to-text software allows you and your team to remain productive anywhere and at any time. The clinical speech recognition performs consistently whether you're in the clinic or on the road.

The accuracy of Dragon Medical products is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology. At first use, you will have a voice profile made possible by AI algorithms and a comprehensive professional medical dictionary. Microphone calibration, accent adjustments, and other typically customizable attributes are automatic. Therefore, you can enjoy a good experience from the beginning without having to put any work in.

Not only is Dragon Medical software effective, but it is also far more affordable compared to any typing service. Therefore, your healthcare organisation will not have to break its budget to enjoy the conveniences and productivity boosts associated with using a state-of-the-art voice recognition software for medical practices.

Also, Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Medical One are both secure and compliant with the Australian Privacy and Data requirements. These requirements for confidentiality and patient security are fulfilled using secure encryption methods. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the security of the sensitive information of your patients.

What Is the Difference?

One of the main questions that you probably have is "What is the difference between Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4?"

Dragon Medical Practice 4 was released in January 2018 and utilizes similar technology to Dragon Medical One. Therefore, consumers can expect to enjoy similar performance from both software. However, the main difference between the two products is that Dragon Medical Practice was designed to be installed and run locally on the hard drive of the user's computer. This software uses the local resources, such as the storage, memory, and processing power, of the computer to run. If you use Dragon Medical Practice, you will only be able to access your voice profile on one workstation. This can be very inconvenient if you use many windows computers.

Dragon Medical One

dragon medical one

Dragon Medical One is evolution of Dragon Medical Practice Edition. The main advantage of this software over the previous iteration is that your medical voice recognition profile will be stored within the secure Australian cloud. This means that you can use any computer that has access to the Internet to use your profile. Your templates and customised words can be accessed anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is log into DMO to access your customised data. Some examples of customised data include the names of new drugs and physician names. Also, your voice profile will be stored in the cloud and automatically backed up.

The pricing model for the Dragon Medical One is different as well. You will need to pay a subscription fee every year (minimum one-year commitment). However, there are many advantages associated with the subscription fee. You will enjoy additional features, such as the automatic backup of your medical voice recognition profiles. Other advantages include access to regular vocabulary and speech engine technology updates, which will improve language modelling, speed, and accuracy.

You can count on the Dragon Medical One software, as a cloud solution, to be up 99.5% of the time. This software is run on Australian Nuance data centres. These data centres are hosted on an ASD Certified Cloud Services called Microsoft Azure. No matter the time or where you are, you will always have access to Dragon Medical One software, boosting your productivity.

Setting up Dragon Medical One is very simple and you will be able to start diction immediately. There is no voice training. In the past, voice recognition products would have users speak different sentences so that the software could become accustomed to their voice. Both Dragon Medical software can achieve 99 percent accuracy without voice training. Another plus is that this software is powerful enough to account for different dialects and accents.

Whether you're new to Dragon Medical products or you already own the Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you should consider upgrading to Dragon Medical One.

Cloud technology is the future of PC based computers.

Enjoy the accuracy, speed and multiple benefits of Dragon Medical One cloud dictation by contacting us on 1300 255 900.