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Cloud dictation at your fingertips.

Partnered with Dragon Medical One

With Dragon Medical One, you can further streamline your workflow in EpiSoft's cloud-based EMR. With the ability to dictate directly into your medical records in real-time. This helps to create richer notes and records, and helps you save more time.

Simply place the cursor where you want to type, then speak into the microphone and Dragon Medical One will transcribe those words into text with the accuracy of a dedicated typist.

With the added functionality of the PowerMic Mobile smartphone app, stop carrying around bulky USB microphones and start using your smartphone as a wireless microphone. 

Cancer EMR 

Safer, more efficient, more effective care.

For too long, purpose-built oncology software has been beyond the reach of many cancer care providers. EpiSoft is changing that.

EpiSoft’s unique modularised application means that you can have software that is tailored completely to your workflow. EpiSoft’s cancer management software is used by a range of cancer care providers, from independent specialists to large tertiary hospitals.

EpiSoft’s cloud-based applications only requires an internet connection and a web enabled device so there are no hefty hardware overheads.

Our Software As A Service (SAAS) pricing model based on utilisation means that even the smallest centres can afford cutting edge software.

The video below will showcase some of the ways Dragon Medical One interfaces with EpiSoft's EMR.

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