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New Dragon 15 (PC) Released!

Dragon Professional 15  is the most accurate, sophisticated and powerful speech recognition program in the world. Dragon has improved by over 10% compared to v14 and is significantly more accurate than 11/12/13.
Dragon 15 uses all the resources on your computer to generate the text almost as quickly as you can speak. Simply speak into a microphone and the words will appear on your PC. 
Dragon software can generate text faster than you could possibly type. Generally, it's about 80% faster than typing. Can you imagine how much time you'll be able to save by dictating, as opposed to tapping each key and then checking the spelling
Dragon 15 is incapable of making spelling errors, as it uses an Australian dictionary.  Dragon software continuously improves from the day you start using it!
You no longer have to complete voice training. You no longer have to read a series of paragraphs to train the program. It's much easier and simpler to set up and use. In fact it only takes a few minutes to get started. Watch the video!

New Dragon Professional v6 Mac (OSX)

With a next-generation speech engine leveraging Deep Learning technology, Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, v6 is more accurate than ever and adapts to your voice or environmental variations even while you’re dictating. Quickly dictate and edit documents and reports, send email and notes, or create and fill out forms within the latest Mac applications — all by voice.
Speed through document creation 3x faster than typing with up to 99% recognition accuracy
Optimizes accuracy for speakers with accents or in slight noisy environments such as an office cubicle
Supports the latest applications, including Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft Outlook 2016, Apple Pages, Apple Keynote, Apple Numbers, and Scrivener, with Full Text Control, for fully voice-driven editing and command capabilities

With 15 years experience using Dragon NaturallySpeaking we can advise you, train you and generally give you a hand. No other IT company in Australia has this depth of experience with speech recognition.  


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  • Dragon Professional Legal 15

    Dragon Legal 15 Complete Package (windows PC) is a fantastic tool for busy legal professionals to deal with emails and get their paperwork in order. The most powerful and feature rich edition of Dragon 15, this voice recognition software works faster and more accurately than ever with a vast legal specific vocabulary. 

    Legal Package Includes:
    Dragon Legal Single User licence

    Select these items for a complete package:
    2 Hours Remote Dragon Training
    The New PowerMic III handheld USB Mic
    12 Months Phone/Email/Teamviewer Support

    The product is shipped on a USB Installer drive plus any items selected within 48 hours.


    As low as: $888.00

  • Dragon Professional 15 & Power Mic III Package

    This package is highly suitable for financial planners, business people and executives.

    dragon financial planners

    Dragon Professional 15 Single User licence on USB Drive
    Nuance Power Mic III Handheld (corded USB)

    2 Hours Onsite training* & 12 Months Support 
    1 Hour Remote training & 12 Months Support (TeamViewer)

    * Onsite training is completed in one 120 minute session and is available within 30kms of the CDB in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Please order the Remote Training package if you are outside of these areas.


    As low as: $749.00

  • dragon dictate for mac 5 download

    Student and Teacher version
    Verification is required 

    Physical shipment

    EL CAPITAN and SIERRA Compatible

    Full license for one educational user. Replaces the Dragon Dictate series. 
    Headset is not included unless an optional microphone is added below.
    The all-new Dragon for Mac delivers fast speech recognition that’s 15% more accurate than ever, along with versatile transcription and mobility features, to drive individual productivity at work.

    A VALID AUSTRALIAN .EDU email address and student ID is required.
    Please do not order if you cannot verify your status as a refund will not be issued.


    As low as: $185.00

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