Which voice recognition products are right for your business?
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Which voice recognition products are right for your business?

Voice recognition can offer great returns on investment to a variety of organisations, with 90 per cent of hospitals planning to utilise this technology. While healthcare has been especially enthusiastic, other industries are set to reap the benefits of productivity and innovation that voice recognition offers. 

With so many products available, it can be hard to decide which one will best fit your specific needs. However, we have complied a list of some of our star performers to help you come to a more informed decision. 

What kind of software should be purchased?

For general business purposes, Dragon Professional 13 is a great go-to product to get you started. The software comes with a large vocabulary list, meaning even the most verbose individuals will not be vilified by vacant pages. It can be used across a range of software applications, including Outlook, giving your emails a more natural flow. Another feature that sets this software apart is the ability to assign voice commands to perform repetitive tasks.

If your work deals with a lot of technical language and jargon, we have industry-focussed solutions for legal and medical organisations. Our newly released Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3 packages state-of-the-art software with three hardware and support options for your convenience and for a variety of budgets. It offers 99 per cent accuracy and is equipped to handle pharmaceutical, anatomical and medical terms with ease.

For lawyers, Dragon Legal 13 can offer the option to dictate notes verbally, three times faster than typing. Like Dragon Medical, the software is equipped with legal language, offering accuracy and productivity.

What about hardware?

While the majority of software can be packaged with hardware, taking the time to customise your options may give you the opportunity to get the most out of voice recognition. 

For businesses that hold meetings in a range of different locations, the Philips DVT8000 is a portable device with a full 360 degree pickup range that can capture all speakers in the room. The files produced are easy to share and are compatible across Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems, meaning that clients and co-workers alike can quickly become informed on important issues. 

If you are looking for an affordable option for the individual workers in your company, the VoxStar UC headset is able to wirelessly record speech for over seven hours on battery power. Noise cancellation can give users the ability to record in shared spaces without interference. The headset can also stream high-quality audio from a Bluetooth enabled device, giving your employees more communication options.

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